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Change after night weaning

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Hi all,
I would love some insight from mother's that have been through this:

I started the process of night weaning my 23 month old DS 11 days ago. He has pretty much being an all night (or sometimes an every hour or two hour) nurser since he was born,

The "Sally weans from night nursing" book has been amazing for us. We started to read it often for 3 weeks before we started night weaning and quite incredibly (in my opinion), my son has transitioned to only getting one feed a night at about 3pm really well. The first two nights were the most difficult but no crying longer than a minute or so.

We co sleep. He still wakes a lot but I just cuddle him in close and he goes back to sleep quite quickly usually. Amazingly, we have had two nights in the last 8 where he slept for 6 hours straight. That's the longest ever .... Ever! I've such hope now.

So really, the nights are going wonderful compared to how they were before. I'm so happy to be nursing only once during the night. I also nurse to sleep and nurse in bed when the sun comes up (like the book says :-D). Thanks to the book (which we now include in our pre-bed routine) my son seems understand and accept this huge transition in his life.

HOWEVER... His expression of love for nursing has being amplified hugely during the day. Leaving the house is taking hours. I'm being as understanding as I can possibly be, but sometimes i do need to go somewhere, get food, go to the bathroom etc. :-D his new thing is sort of pretending to hurt himself, so he might intentionally fall on the ground or if something is a bit uncomfortable, rather than move on from it, he'll start crying for "babas". I do understand that this is him adjusting to the incredible change and job he is doing at night time. I suppose I'm wondering .... Will this last a long time from your experience?

Thank you all.
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That sounds really hard mama and I really don't have advice. I imagine it would get better. Any mamas out there have had a similar experience and can offer some advice for this mama?
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Thank you TracyAmber. In fact, it's already improving. He's still doing wonderful with just one feed a night, but he has certainly increased the number of day nursings, especially in the morning. He's a sensitive soul. Hopefully more time will heal.

Another contributing factor is that after 11 days of giving myself 6 hrs between nursings at night.... my period returned. It's likely that my son was also responding to changes in hormones or milk supply before my period came.

Thank you so much for your reply :-D
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