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Meal Advice Wanted

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Looking for advice on what to eat. I am 13 weeks along and have a lot of food aversions yet but I also have pretty bad acid indigestion. I feel like I am living on bread and cheese or rice and chicken with a little bit of vegetables.

Any ideas?
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This probably sounds horrible to some but for me, during those first few weeks, I ate anything I didn't get nauseous from the smell of which seemed to be pizza, french fries, crackers, rice, etc.. They now have these "Preggie Pops" that would maybe help you, otherwise sour things like lemons and ginger ale are supposed to alleviate some of the symptoms. In my case 3/4 times it was simply avoiding smells that made me sick. Don't worry about what you can't eat right now. Just stay hydrated and soon this will be over and you will be enjoying your pregnancy and bump. If it persists past the 4th month or if it becomes so bad you can not keep anything down then you should talk with your doc or midwife about herbs or even medications that are safe. 

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Congratulations on your pregnancy! I ate a lot of greek yogurt and almonds in the first trimester. The yogurt might help cool the acid. I also agree with what @jtapc90 said. I hope you are feeling better soon!
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Ahhh, I always forget about yogurt. That sounds pretty good about now. I will have to try nuts again. I tried cashews with my first pregnancy amd threw them up (super gross!!) so I am kind of off nuts when nauseous.
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I have been eating avacados like crazy.  They are supposed to be very good for baby and even though they have a lot of fat, they don't cause heartburn for me. The funny thing is, I never really liked avacados before I got pregnant.

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BethaniaDawn-I ate a lot of salads while pregnant which was weird because I don't really like salad normally. I guess I wanted to eat cold foods because I was so hot.
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Raw almonds are very good to curb nausea for me (although my neausea never been that bad), and after eating them for all my first pregnancy I read somewhere that they're really good to reduce acid in the stomach. Which could explain I hadn't experience heartburn before the last months where you're stomach is up your throat.

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Just eat whatever you can keep down, haha. I had tons of aversions while pregnant too (I had to leave my house while attempting to cook chicken because the smell was so horrible) so I figured that eating something was better than eating nothing. Assuming you ate fairly well before pregnancy you have a lot of nutrients stored up and its not like you're only eating candy. I ate a ton of fruit, carbs, and fats. And I figured if that's what my body wanted, I must have needed something in those foods. I drank some teas to help with heartburn and nausea (lemon ginger, and moroccan mint were my favorites). Try not to stress or beat yourself up about eating perfectly, as long as you're getting some real food in you that you enjoy somewhat, you're doing great!

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