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Fussing while nursing

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Lately, my 4 1/2 month old baby sometimes squirms and fusses a lot while nursing. I have had no supply issues this far, and she is 16.3 lbs so she has gained wait well, but lately when she fusses while nursing, I worry she is not getting enough milk. Or is it just that I think she wants to nurse but maybe she doesn't really? She usually clearly refuses if she doesn't want to. I have a very happy baby most of the time. But when sh starts fussing and squirming and kicking while nursing, I'm not sure what's going on. Anyone have any insight?
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Sometimes my daughter does this because she is overtired and doesn't really want to nurse as much as sleep. She nibbles and then pulls away and I usually take her off the breast, put her to sleep, and feed her when she wakes again.

She also used to do this when we had thrush, due to the discomfort.

Sometimes it's gas, and a minute upright for the trick to get it out.

Sometimes she does it and I have no idea why. I just lay her down or cuddle her until she seems to calm down, and then we try again.

It's annoying isn't it? It drives me crazy when we are NIP, and instead of having this nice, efficient, 20 min session, it throws off whatever I am doing by like an hour.
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Thanks lol it's helpful just to know this is a frustration for others as well. This time she had to poop and was happy after that, but other times it seems to be for a different reason, or I have no idea what the reason is.
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