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Earliest heard heartbeat?

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My first CNM appointment is Wednesday when I'll be 8w4d. I already had it scheduled for my annual well-check, but they converted it to a maternity appointment. Now I'm wondering if there's any chance I'll be able to hear the hb then. I don't think I heard it with my first until 10+ weeks. My 2nd pregnancy only used the fetoscope, so that was well into the 2nd trimester. I can't remember when we heard it during my 3rd. I'm pretty sure the CNM doesn't have an u/s machine - they've sent me elsewhere to check in my last pregnancy - so I won't be seeing the hb.


I'm kinda wishing I had a chance to see/hear something before telling family at Thanksgiving. My next appt will be in mid-December.


Anyone heard the hb before 9 weeks?

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I think it really depends on your body. My uterus is tilted backwards, so it's a little harder. I'm hoping to hear one tomorrow (at almost 11 weeks), but I'll do my best not to freak out if we don't

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I have the home use doppler which says from 12 weeks you can hear the heartbeat, I have not had any success at 11 weeks so far :( All I can find is my own heartbeat.

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I have been able to find my little one's heartbeat since 8 weeks 3 days.  But it took me several minutes to find it the first time or two.  My doctor's office would not even try to find it with a doppler at 8 weeks 6 days saying they like to wait until at least 10,

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i am 9w4d and i heard the heart beat today via doppler at the midwife's office! she warned me that she might not be able to find it, but we heard it loud and clear. very exciting.

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Congrats, amwpJC! My first appointment is next week at 9wk4d. I hope I am as lucky as you :)

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I had my 8 week appointment last Wednesday and no luck hearing the heartbeat. My midwife tried to use a doppler, but my uterus tilts back so she told me it would be really difficult to find it, but she also really encouraged me not to worry about it. So now we wait a month until we go back, this time for an u/s. I'm not too worried, I think just impatient...I'm excited for all of those that have heard the heartbeats! This is our first and I can't wait to hear it! 

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I just tried my home use doppler at 12 and a half weeks and still can not find it!!! I was really hoping I would this time. I re-read the leaflet about it and it says the one I have can detect the heart beat from 14-16 weeks, so maybe I shouldn't be so disappointed. It would put my mind at ease to hear it.

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Remember as you grow, where the baby is goes up.  At 8 weeks, mine was on the lower left but now at almost 12 weeks, I am finding the heartbeat in almost the middle between my belly button and pubic bone.  I know you would be comforted to hear it.  (((HUGS)))

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Thank you for the tips Bethania! I will try again at 13 and a half weeks in a few days, fingers crossed! :thumb

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I heard the baby's heart beat last night! :joy Pretty amazing, 150 beats a minute when I timed it. Seemed so fast compared to mine, but it's supposed to be. In that moment I felt really connected to the baby, and it reassured me there is actually a little one growing in there, I am indeed pregnant :love  I found it right in the middle.

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I am sooooo glad you posted this Snowy!!!!!  I have worried about you so much.  Hearing that heartbeat truly is special.

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I just listened to the baby's heart beat for the second time and it has moved! Is this normal? 2 weeks ago it was right in the middle and today I found it over to the left side. I moved the doppler around a bit afterwards to see if there was a second heart beat anywhere, just in case and there wasn't. So I'm sure there is only one baby but is it normal for the heart beat to be found in different areas from one week to the next?

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Yes. Even from one minute to the next. DD was especially wiggly and the midwives often had to move the Doppler quite a bit to hear her.
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The CNM couldn't get the heartbeat with 2 different dopplers yesterday at 12w2d. She ended up doing a 2 min u/s to find the baby, then was barely able to catch it. Essentially, the baby was hiding behind my femeral artery and we kept hearing my heartbeat instead of his/hers. He/she was kicking all over on the u/s and was clearly fine.
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That is reassuring to hear :)

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