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It's a......

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Boy!!!! And super happy!!!



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Congrats!!!!! :)

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Thank you!

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We had our 19 wk ultrasound yesterday and told the tech we didn't want to know the gender, but this picture of the legs shows off something imbetween. I'm guessing boy. Your thoughts? Now its driving me crazy smile.gif
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Diva, we did the same thing and didnt find out the gender, but we got a VIDEO of the ultrasound and now I want to analyze it like crazy! I think the could be a boy or it could by the cord between the legs. I dont know.
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Thanks Tremieli. Its maddening isn't it? The tech was referring to the baby as he/she for the first part of the ultrasound and said that is how he would refer to the baby, but switched to saying 'he' for a really long time before catching himself. He looked surprised at himself when catching the constant 'he' referrals and covered by saying he always said 'he', but then reverted back to he/she. I'm 75% sure its a boy, but am keeping a gender neutral newborn layette just in case!!


The cord was in the front and I got a good look at it. It was really thick. This shot was taken from the front side. All of my friends look at it and say 'boy' instantly, but of course I still question. Labor and birth day will determine the gender I suppose.....LOL!

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And quite obviously so. :)
The Harmony test came back boy, too.

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