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Happy to Be Here!

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Hi! I am Cindy from Estes Park, Colorado. Children have been the common thread and love throughout my life, and this forum looks like a very friendly and supportive place to hang out. 

I taught in Montessori schools for 25 years and am a grandmother of lots of boys and just one girl. One of the parts of teaching I miss more than I expected is my connection with the parents.  I always loved helping them see the big picture of what was going on with their individual children, and helping them learn practical ways to nurture and respect the unique ways young children learn. 

I am looking forward to seeing what everyone is talking about, and maybe I can offer my two cents to some of your questions.



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You might be a great help and might enjoy posting in our Montessori forum: http://www.mothering.com/community/f/284/montessori

But please check out the site as a whole because we discuss a great number of things that might interest you and where you might have some advice!

I'm glad you've found us! Welcome again!

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Welcome to mothering! We look forward to seeing your valuable input! 

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HI and Welcome to Mothering!!


How is it in Estes now, after the flooding?  Are you guys getting back to normal? I'm from Colorado, Estes is one of my favorite places. :)  I'm glad you found us!  Let us know if you need help finding anything on the forums.

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I am a new mum too. thx for sharing, can i add u as friend?

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Welcome @mybabyidea!  Glad you found us!  How old is your baby?

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