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Young Mommy with BF questions Domperidone, Reglan??

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I do my best every day for my son and daughter. With my first child I wanted to breastfeed but once I reached a month pp I lost my milk. It upset me tremendously because i wanted him to be breastfed so badly. I am at a month with my daughter and quickly losing my milk. I've tried pumping every hour raspberry tea and different home remedies. I've been told about reglan but I will be twenty in two weeks and I'm so scared of the side effects. I'm almost to the point where I'll try it but I've heard of a different medication called domperidone? What do you other mommies think about it? And how much would it cost or is it something I can get a prescription for? I'm worried about paying for something that may not work. Any advice is really appreciated! smile.gif I just want may baby girl to have the best.
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Hi and Welcome to Mothering!


I'm going to move your question to the Breastfeeding forum, since you typed such a complete question, I dont' want you to have to redo it. :)  The ladies there should have some great information for you.

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I haven't heard anything about Reglan, but I have heard a lot of people use Domeperidone. I don't know if you can get a subscription for it in the United States. I think most people order it online, possibly from Canada. Have you talked to an LC about this issue?
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Hi there. So sorry about what you're going through-it must be heartbreaking and frustrating beyond words. I'm no IBCLC, but from your description it definitely sounds like it might be a hormonal problem. In that case, Domperidone or Reglan may very well help by elevating your Prolactin levels (the hormone that tells your breasts to make milk.) Both can be very effective but their one downside is that they can aggravate or cause depression in susceptible people (especially Reglan.) Dom is much less likely to do that, but if you're like me and have a history of depression it still may. I took it for awhile and it did seem to worsen my condition slightly. But I have to say I would take it again in a heartbeat if I really needed it. If you live in the U.S. you'll be hardpressed to find a doctor who will prescribe it (FDA junk-there's a story behind that, but if it wasn't safe why is it legal and even OTC in many other countries?) You can still order it online, though. I can PM you the name of the pharmacy where I bought if you like.

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If you search the Breastfeeding Challenges forums, you can find lots of recent posts about what worked for milk supply. I've shared a lot about my experience there.
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I have been on both Reglan and Domperidone for a stomach disorder (this is what it was originally made for), and I can tell you that you are way better off getting Domperidone if you are wanting to increase your milk supply.

Reglan used to be the main medicine people used in the US to increase their milk, but it has some bad side effects, including severe anxiety, depression, fatigue, suicidal thoughts, and tardive dyskensia.  When I was on this for gastroparesis, it made me so fatigued that it was all I could do to stay awake.  Plus, I started getting arm and neck spasms badly.  When I told my doctor about this, he said that it was the beginning signs of tardive dyskensia and he took me off of the medicine at once, because if I were to stay on it, those spasms would become permanent.  It does increase your prolactin levels to help with a low milk supply, but its not worth it because of the side effects.

Domperidone is sold in Canada (not in the US), and since it doesn't go to your nervous system, you don't get those side effects I mentioned above.  That, and I have read numerous times that it does a lot better job at increasing prolactin levels than Reglan.  I have only seen mild stomach cramps and headache as common side effects of Domperidone.  These side effects fade after about a month, in my experience.  I am producing breastmilk on Domperidone, even though I have never been pregnant, so I am using it to induce lactation for an adoptive baby as well as using it for my stomach disorder.  The disadvantage of Domperidone is that you have to buy it yourself, since its not covered by insurance.  www.candrug.com sells it for a reasonable price, but you need a prescription from a doctor for it.


Hope this helps!


Jessie (proud auntie to Brianna, age 4)


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