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Just fell down the stairs. Ouch.

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I broke my fall with my elbow and it is soooooo killing me. I've got an icepack on it.  I hit my back too, but it seems okay.  I am pretty sure it wasn't a hard enough fall to cause any harm to the little pea, but of course that was my first thought.  I am guessing that things are pretty protected in there and one would have to be jostled really hard to hurt the pregnancy, right?

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Sorry you fell!! You are fine re: the baby though, I'm sure. I have heard all kinds of stories about women falling when pregnant and your body has an amazing way of protecting the little one in your womb!

Be careful...fatigue will make you more clumsy. Take it easy hon.
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Trying. uuugh.

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oh, no, that's scary.  but everything's fine, i'm sure.  


take it easy and be careful!


i don't start falling until much later in my pregnancies.  ;)

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thanks for the humor, samstress :) Darn me and my slippery socks.  It's cold enough in here that I should have my slippers on anyway. 

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Ouch!!  That had to have shaken you up!  But I agree, your little one is so cushioned in there right now and should be fine.  :hug

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Hope you feel better!!!

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That sounds awful!! I'm sorry you took a spill. I fell at a bus stop 8 months pregnant, it was more embarrassing than anything and i didn't hit my back or belly so there wasn't much to worry over. I skinned both knees and looked like I needed a mommy, not like I was going to be one. Then I couldn't even wash my knees properly and had to take a shower because my belly was too hard to get around. I'm only 5 ft, so I didn't fall far lol but i had one bruised ego.  

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Most of me is feeling better today, but I have quite a bruise on my elbow which is very tender to the touch (I think I would trade for bruised ego at this point), but no major damage I am sure.  Thanks for commiserating.  I promise I will not spend the next 7.5 months complaining.  All you wonderful mamas have been truly helping me cope with my hard times.  :grouphug

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