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Nursing Mamas TTC ~ November/December~

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Nursing Mamas TTC


Please put all updates in bold. Please let me know if you'd like your chart linked in the first post.

Continued from Nursing Mamas TTCing September.

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(People in this list haven't posted in a while. Stop by and give us an update if you can. smile.gif)


Baby dust to everyone!
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Repost from old thread.

Another pregnancy announcement popped up on my news feed last night. It's yet another local person who I interact with somewhat regularly. So that brings the (known) total of in-person pregnancies up to five now. And I'm still twiddling my thumbs and waiting for my cycles to come back. They're now three months later than they've ever been. We're not preventing, but I'm charting and I definitely haven't ovulated yet either, with no signs of it anytime soon. I have a ton of stuff to do in the next several weeks, so hopefully that will help keep my mind off of my lack of returning fertility. One of my projects will be to make a petticoat. orngbiggrin.gif I'm pretty excited about that. I want to wear long skirts/dresses with a petticoat. Yeah, I've been reading too many historical novels lately.
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oops, wrong thread!

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Can I be included in this group? My nursling is 26 months old, still BF's at leat 15-20 times a day...and all night! I work FT, so I know that the night nursing is important for him, and I'm not comfortable with denying him his boobie...so we continue.

The crazy thing? I still haven't had a PPAF! I had a teeny tiny bit of spotting last Monday (after some, erm, rigorous sex on Saturday), and have been cramping like I'm in labor off an don all week...but still nothing. I am so anxious for my fertility to return...

We are not officially TTC, but will stop TTA in January (I'm sitting for IBLCE exam in July...refuse to miss my chance!!), and we are both really starting to feel the urge to give Kai a sibling.

All in all? No fertility + baby fever = frustrated mama!!!
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Wow, Mama2ChicknLil! I will no longer complain about being 10 months out and still having no AF (even though that hasn't been my norm). They've come back after my other two full-term kids at 7 months.
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I am struggling a bit. I know there are a lot of people who have been trying for a very long time. But we're on month ten of trying. My kids are nearly two-and-a-half right now. Still nursing a lot. I've been having cycles since 5 months PP. I'm reluctant to wean, because it may not be the nursing that's the issue. (I'd hate to push to wean and then find that there won't be any more babies anyway). I'm just feeling kind of tired and lost. And trying to figure out whether I should wean, whether I should just reconcile myself to being done with babies, when the kids are too far apart to make sense, when I'm too old to keep going. Just venting a little.

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Rinap I'm sorry this is taking such a toll on you, I can't imagine trying for that long! If I had to make an educated guess, I'd say BF isn't the culprit...if you have regular cycles already, maybe looking into supplements to help extend your LP?
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Hey all. I need to be removed from success story back to 2ww.  I had a miscarriage at 8 weeks, and have had one period since, and am now waiting to see if I managed to catch the elusive egg.  I'm trying not to be too optimistic so that I won't be too disappointed...  Never works. 

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My LP is fourteen days, so that should be okay. May go back to my herbalist and talk to her. But it's tough to find the time and tough to find the belief that it will actually help.

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I've GOT to come up with a list of current blessings so I stop obsessing about why my cycle is still gone. Maybe this list will help me feel better about my situation. It's okay that it's still gone (and therefore okay that I'm not pregnant) because...

- the first trimester hits me like two tons of bricks, so it's nice to be able to stay up late and do some work and other projects instead of being so sick and tired that I spend most of the day on the couch.
- there's that much more time that I'll be able to nurse DS3 before my supply goes away.
- I have more time to try to do some exercising to help get my body into better physical condition before a little parasite starts depending on me for nutrients.
- there is more of "me" to spread around my older kids and give them attention. Another baby would steal some of that away.
- the "normal average" lactational amenorrhea (I hope I'm spelling that) is 14 months or so, so maybe I'm doing it "right" this time and my cycles came back "early" the other two times, and this current time is what's supposed to be normal for my body.

Hm. That's actually all I can think of off the top of my head, and blast, it's a much shorter list than the list of the GOOD things about being pregnant right now, or yesterday, or two weeks ago. *sigh*

But, even so, I'm making a pact that I won't post about my situation anymore until after the first of the year (or until a BFP if that happens first, but as each day passes with not even any minor, smidgy O signs trying to show up, that event seems less and less likely). Many happy wishes to the newly expecting mommies, and I'll definitely cheer on any others that happen to show up between now and then, and I'll definitely talk about OTHER things, but not my non-cycles. Not even if I'm directly asked about it. Really, truly. I promise. smile.gif
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Harmony96 vent away!! For me, even the thought of SEX during Kai's first year was enough to make me sick...you are amazing to want another so soon. I work with newborns all day long and didn't even feel a hint of baby fever until a few months ago.

Don't censor yourself...say what you feel!! It's what this group is for.

Now, I on the other hand, have had what seems to be the most intense PMS in 3 years...spotted last Monday (ovulation spotting? Def nut implantation), major cramping, sciatica flare ups (only ever got them around AF before pregnancy), mild nausea, headache, and back pain.

I need PPAF to come just to relieve me!

For moms who have BTDT, did your PPAF feel like it was coming for months before it finally ??
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Rinap I can't even imagine your frustration. Maybe some self care? I know it's easier said than done...but maybe you just need some time to yourself?

Not that it will make things any
better, but even six more months if trying week give your body the time it needs to recover fully from twins!!

Sticky egg thoughts heading your way...
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I have to censor my posts at least (my thoughts will continue, LOL) because if I do posts AND thoughts, I'll go completely insane.
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I'm in the last part of my 2WW right now.  We were going to wait a cycle before TTC again (miscarried at 8 weeks), but I O'ed REALLY early for me (my cycles were like 8 weeks long before but I o'ed just 3 weeks after my miscarriage started.  We had sex one night and the next morning I had ovulation pain).   It caught me by surprise, for sure!  


I'm doing fertility acupuncture, taking vitex as well as a chinese herb blend.  


Should know something by Monday!

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I had another weird dream last night. It was crazy.

In real life, I'm actually going to a ladies' Bible class this morning. in the dream, I was in class, and kept halfway falling asleep and closing my eyes and stuff. Then I felt a sensation between my legs, and it looked like I'd peed myself? (Thankfully that was just in the dream and my bed was still dry when I woke up.) I looked further and I'd also apparently forgotten to put on undies. I made as discreet an exit as I could (having been on the front row in class) and went to use the bathroom. There were curtains instead of stall doors, and someone had a bunch of random clothes stacked up in front of the stall and I couldn't get my curtain to completely stay closed. I noticed that I had some sticky CM that was the same consistency as that gummy glue stuff that they use to stick a gift card on an advertisement in the mail.

When I flushed, the toilet bowl filled up, but then didn't "flush" very fast (like someone who had used it before me had partially clogged it). This happens somewhat regularly on our home toilet (which is super old), so in my dream, I saw a plunger sitting nearby. I started to use the plunger to take care of the toilet, and a lady nearby said, "That was my fault," but no "I'm sorry" or "Let me help" or anything. Just "That was my fault." So I continued to start to plunge, and the toilet no longer looked like a toilet. It looked like a teeny-tiny wave pool, with two round drains, one in the back wall and one in the floor. I started to try to plunge the back one first, but then realized that was for the incoming water, so then I turned to the floor one and gave it one plunge. It made an awful sound and I got scared and started moving all the clothes away from the front edge of the water, since it seemed like the toilet might back up a little. Somehow, I tracked half-dirty water all around as I did this. The toilet finally flushed normally (well, as normally as it could for looking like a wave pool), and I turned around and there was a sink right behind me. It had a sprayer attachment, so I used that to rinse off the floor, and then I was drying the floor when I woke up.

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Well, here we go again!  August 3 is my official DD. Let's hope this bean sticks. 

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Well. Guess I'm no longer trying to catch that first egg. AF arrived this morning.
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Congrats PM!!! That is a nice BFP!  Sticky bean!!!


Sorry Harmony about AF arriving, but now you can really start tracking stuff!


I have been keeping up with you guys, but not posting.  I don't know where I actually fit here, since DH says he is done and AF has not come back since having DS (9 months).  We are not preventing at all, but it is usually 14-16 months till fertility returns and maybe DH is just banking on my first couple of cycles being anovulatory (as they have been in the past).  I am trying hard not to take it as him saying he is open to more.  


DS is nursing just about every 2 hours all day and night, so I can't imagine fertility will return sooner than with my girls as they took binkys and nursed maybe 2-4 times a night at this age and DS is nursing much more than that.  He is also not really eating anything.  I am still nursing DD2 2-4 times a day and don't see that I will be weaning her anytime soon.  


Anyways, hoping for baby dust for all of you.

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