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I freeze everything in a plastic bag, labeled and dated with a sharpie and I try to use it within the next 10 days to two weeks so it doesn't get freezer burn.

Question: how do you make butter/buttermilk? Do you need raw cream or will pasturized work? The organic cream and milk I've found is "ultrapasteurized" and I haven't found a local source yet for at least raw cream (although I know they are there).
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Regarding chicken broth: I use 3-4 chicken backs that I get from the co-op. They're cheap, freerange and sometimes from organic fed chickens. It's like 69 cents a pound. I boil them for a couple of hours and it makes a very fatty thick gelatin broth. I make all ds food with the broth (he's allergic to everything) since I started doing this his appetite has increased a lot and he is normally the type that won't eat a thing. It seems to me the fattier the broth, the more he will eat of whatever I use it in (soups, rice, etc).

Regarding the sauerkraut: I tried unsuccessfully to make it one time (I didn't have anything to properly pound it down with) but one head of cabbage doesn't make very much. ANother note: at my co-op they sell naturally fermented sauerkraut and it is not very acidic at all. Not like the stuff in the cans we ate as kids (for whoever was concerned about the acidity)

Also, at my co-op (can you tell I love this place?) they sell Kombucha and I tried it and it's pretty good. My dh tells me it is like this stuff they sell in Mexico called "tepache". What is Kombucha and how do I make it? Is it in the SF book?

To whoever make the rejuvelac, how did you like it? My mom made this a lot when we were kids and it has a strange light and lovely taste, do you think so?

gotta go my 2 month old is calling....
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For veggie stocks -- I keep a glass jar in the freezer. I usually use the water from steaming veggies, so it's not too much. I let it cool, and add it to the jar. I haven't had any problems. I don't usually bother doing that now, mostly because if I'm just cooking veggies plain, I now cook them in butter instead of water. Yum!
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Oceanmomma...I too the Kombucha. Most of the time my brew is also a combo sweet and sour, tending toward the sour though. Right now I brew two batches at a time in these glass sun tea jars I got at the grocery store for about $6.00 each That lasts about 2 weeks for me and ds, since dh doesn't drink it. I think I'm going to get two more of them strictly for storage in the fridge as they have the spigot on them...Kombucha on tap!

I had my mother over today for Mother's Day and made an NT meal...everyone loved it! It was wonderful to make something so healthy and have everyone love it some much: zuchinni cakes, carrot salad, and brocolli with cheese sauce. Dessert wasn't NT though...strawberry shortcake. I made butter on accident though! Was whipping cream and I didn't think about it not being "whipping" cream....so now I have some homemade butter in the fridge. I may just start doing this on a regular basis now that I see how easy it is.

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hmm, I've never tried freezing in glass jars- I was always afraid of cracking too...

Suseyblue, I think you listed the books in the NT recipes thread on the food/nutrition board- I was scanning it last night- I'm going to buy those books. Wild blueberries - yum. I'm going to try it.

Wow, I think it's time to go ahead and buy the NT book- all the different histories of the food origins on their website are really fascinating.

well, I've got a sick mom and babe here... better go for now. Next week, I start stock!
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Originally Posted by PumpkinSeeds
To whoever make the rejuvelac, how did you like it? My mom made this a lot when we were kids and it has a strange light and lovely taste, do you think so?
i think you described the taste very well. it's almost lemonadey and so easy to make.
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was wondering if there was a nourishing traditions website i could look at to get more info?
thanks ladies-
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just wanted to post, that two toddlers with a potato masher and a large bowl can do a fine job of pounding kraut...
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Carrie Lou,

I learned most of my info at www.westonaprice.org .
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my beer is purple!!! gonna rack tomorrow. better start drinking; i hope i have enough bottles in a week to start loadin' 'em up, wild blueberry ale sounds so refreshing for summer, don't you think?

i am just so nonplussed when i open it up and it smells and tastes like BEER. amazing. wow, you really don't need hygrometers and gypsum and isinglass and wort chillers etc to make beer- easy peasy!

so purple!!!! 'barney beer', lol.

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LOL, suse......enjoy your barney beer! So, where did you get your wild blueberries??? Did you just use frozen ones? Rebekah....I miss you!!! Where have you been hiding yourself lately??

Still waiting for my Carl's sourdough starter........anyone else waiting too? We're also trying to figure out something to do on a cloudy Sunday here in Tacoma.

tah tah for now...

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Brisen, what recipe did you use for the bread that turned out so yummy? I'm going to bake my first ever loaf of bread and I don't want to be disappointed. I have NT, so if it's a recipe in there just point me to the right one.

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It was the yeasted buttermilk bread. But I used yogurt instead of buttermilk the first time, and I've also subbed water + 1 Tbsp whey per cup of water for the buttermilk too.

I find, though, that despite how nice the dough feels, it hasn't really been rising well for me, and the bread is moist, but falls apart easily. I'm still experimenting. I'm wondering if I need to let it rise more, I'm so impatient with that part. I want fresh bread now!
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yeah, they were on sale at kroger's... yeah, i know, big business, but i'm just glad they are carrying a wider variety of fruit than they used to. no way to grow 'em here anyway.

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Originally Posted by OceanMomma
Elainie. I remember you saying that your children's bone structure was different since you stopped being vegan. Do you think, if you change their diet early enuf, you can correct their jaw & teeth development? How much of it is hiereditory ? The reason I ask is dd#2 has quite a small jaw & her teeth look like they are going to be very crowded when she gets bigger. She's been drinking raw milk & eating lots of raw butter & fish oil since about November & I am sure her teeth are spacing out & straightening a bit. She is only just 3 so it may not be that at all. She was vegan until she was nearly 2.
(bumping this up so Elainie will see it!)

I don't want to answer for Elainie, but I asked her a similar question a while back, and from what I understand when the body is in a growth phase it will do its best to achieve full potential if all nutrients are available. Jaw size and crowded teeth are not hereditary, they are developmental.

Sorry I've been so quiet lately, I just got back from a 2 week trip and am just getting back into the swing of things!

Kefir is super easy to make, you can find grains here:
or I've heard you can post to the kefir list as well:

just dump the grains in milk and let it sit until to your liking.
I still can't get used to the taste though! Maybe I have a bad batch of grains?
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Originally Posted by Lou
those jars were from thrift shops and really old- i wonder if they made glass jars differently in the days before freezing was commonplace? any experience with that?
Glass is a liquid. Over time it will weaken in spots as it runs. That's why really old windows tend to be thicker at the bottom than the top, btw.

Of course, my new glass jars have broken all over the freezer, too. Sigh. Maybe we should develop a new product line -- some sort of nonplastic freezer container.

Anyway, great thread/great tribe. I just found it. I love lacto-fermenting, but have nothing currently fermenting due to general craziness here. Reading this, though, I'll probably start something tomorrow. I give my parents stuff like sauerkraut and corn relish for Christmas.

Does anyone sprout grains, dry them, then grind for flour? I tried it once, but my little handgrinder couldn't cope.

Oh, btw, 8yo dd was just fitted with a palate-expander (I think the women in our family have a problem metabolizing calcium, but that's another story). I wanted to ask the ortho if diet could help the problem, but figured he would just think I was nuts. I've been giving the kids cod liver oil over the winter (blithely ignoring the threads about the dire threat this poses to their health due to toxins). I'm wondering about giving it in the summer, though, since they get lots of sun -- would it overload them with vit.D?
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Some people don't give their kids as much in the summer b/c of that. Some people don't give their kids any in the summer b/c of that.

Maybe you should just cut down on the amount if you're using butteroil.
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What is the use for flax seed oil? Is it just for use in cold foods and condiments or can it be taken internally like clo? I've only been using it in dressings and the like.
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Dh takes flaxseed oil by the spoonful for the EFAs. He has an entire book on the subject of flaxseed oil somewhere around here.

I've heard that it's better to grind up the flaxseed and eat it, though, since the oil is fresher that way. FWIW, I dump the ground flaxseed on oatmeal, etc. I also put it on granola to assuage my guilt over eating improperly prepared grains .
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Ground flax seed in granola. Now that's a concept for me. Thanks for the idea--I've recently started making my own granola (changing the recipe to more healthful as I can) and I'm glad for the oats but this will make it better. AND it will get some flax seed into dh. What a bargain! Thanks!
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