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northern mi midwife

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We are currently ttc our 6th child and really interested in doing a home birth with a midwife. Currently our only insurance is medicade and from all the info I've been finding online it looks like they don't cover having a midwife for an at home birth, only at a participating hospital? My other question is if I pay out of pocket for an at home birth what is the average cost?, especially in my area up in north eastern mi. I'm up in the Oscoda county area and I can't even find a midwife anywhere around here. Is it possible to see my primary doc for my prenatal appts covered by insurance (and more then likely a closer drive then any midwife office around here) then have an at home birth with the midwife and only pay for the cost of the delivery and initial ppcare? Will my doc accept my new baby as a new patient for well baby appts if they weren't the delivering doc/hospital? I have no issues with my doc, I actually really like them, but I have an issue with giving birth in a hospital again. I want to do it at home this next time and I'm just trying to gain as much info as I can in advance so I know what my options are and what the cost may be. If anyone can point me in the right direction I'd greatly appreciate it.
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How far are you from Mio? Laurie Zoyiopoulos is a homebirth midwife that has an office there. It would be worth it to give her a call and see if she serves your area. I know that she would be happy to answer your questions. Her website is www.faithfulguardiansmidwifery.com
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