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Pouch Help/Suggestions Needed.

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I am in need of a pouch for peanut... I have a maya wrap, a few rebozo's and have had a KKAFP which I liked ok for dd.

Which is the best pouch for a newborn? Or do you even recommend pouches for a newborn?

Addie LIVED in her sling from about 5wks on, I'm sure peanut will be the same too, but I like the idea of just being able to put baby in his pouch and go about my business, not having to tighten a million times.

Sooo, what do you recommend?

Also, if anyone has one for sale in a XL, feel free to pm me.
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I loved my pea in the pod for the newborn stage so comfy and snuggling we mostly did tummy to tummy carry. http://www.mom-and-me-creations.com/
Unfortunately she's closed they are having a really hard time right now but maybe you can find one used.
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I think the KKAFP is best pouch for a newborn, hands down. But if the weather is going to be hot (above about 75 degrees) something cotton is better...I usually recommend the Maya Pouch because it's very lightweight and adjustable. Butif you want someting with some stretch so you can use the tummy to tummy position, either the KKACP or a Hotsling would be good.

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What about the KKACP, is that a good pouch? *and yes, it gets 100ish here in the summer*
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I don't own a KKACP but I heard some people don't like the huge flap of fabric. If it was cold I would go with a peainapod over the KKAFP. I say this because of the slimmer shoulder design and you will be chasing around a toddler. Otherwise I would get a Mayapouch. Though you could use a hotsling I would probably go with an adjustable pouch for the newborn stage because you may need to adjust if you want to bf, if you have a lot of laterys of clothes on, if you lose weight etc.
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I think a Hotsling is a great intro to pouches at such a great price. You can pick your fabrics (and it will be cool cotton), and the sizing is just so much better than on a lot of pouches. Plus she will work with you on sizing if needed. If you have a properly fitting pouch, you don't really need it to be adjustable to do different carries--only if another person needs to wear it.
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