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Neva Mary Margaret's Birth Story

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Hi mamas! I was never super active in the due date club, and then our beautiful baby girl entered the world in a traumatic fashion and I retreated from here all together. She is doing fine now, curled up in my lap at the moment, and I wanted to post her birth story, shared last week on our family blog.

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Thank you for sharing. My second baby came into this world in traumatic fashion too, with a placental abruption 5 weeks early. We dealt with the NICU and seizures and all the same tests. She is 4 now doing well. Big hugs to you for making it through. 

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Wow mirpmama- what a story. I love your conclusion and resolution that trusting birth and your body can mean something other than an ideal, straightforward birth. The wisdom of our bodies is ancient and they really do speak to those who listen. Thank you for sharing and congratulations on baby Neva Mary Margaret.
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What a beautiful story, and what a strong mama!  Thank you so much for sharing this. 

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Congratulations on your sweet, strong little girl. I have had relatively easy births but have never felt comfortable home birthing. I was aiming for a natural birth but after a few hours of back labour with a 9lb baby and very little progress, I did ask for an epidural. Once I got some relief, I relaxed, baby turned and labour progressed very quickly from there. Everything went well but the placenta wouldn't budge despite skin to skin nursing, massage and even put icon and I needed a D&C in the OR. So I didn't get the perfect birth I hoped for but I think my instincts were leading me where I needed to be. I think your instincts ensured your baby's safe if difficult arrival. Congrats again <3
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Thank you for sharing that with us! I'm so happy that you and your little girl are doing well.
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Thanks everyone!💜
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