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Changing My Name!

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I have been with my high school sweetie for over 13 years now and we have two kids together. We are not married, but we consider ourselves as married. The only part about not being legally married though is that I still have my legal name. I would like to legally change my entire name, not just my last name. I feel like changing my name is as big as a deal as us getting married.


I know it's cheaper to just do a last name change after marriage. A basic name change is about double the cost. We do not care about the cost, we really just want to simplify this process and have a new name and be legally married and just move on with life. I  don't want to just walk into the court, get married and then change my last name and then have to go through the process all over again to change my first and middle name. 


Can I just file to change my entire name and then get married once all that is done with? 



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It seems like that should work. You don't have to change your name when you get married. It's optional so you should be able to leave it as it is with the new name. I have seen on domestic partnership paperwork a question about what your name will be after it's official, but I don't remember what the marriage license paperwork said.
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In TX, you can change your name with the marriage certificate if you want, but you do not have to.  I chose to keep my first & middle names and only change my last name.  One of my sister's changed nothing, my mom hyphenated, my younger sis changed her middle name to her previous last name, so Mary Jane Smith, would become Mary Smith Doe.


I have been through a legal name change (in court) outside of marriage.  The judge will ask you why you want your name changed and if you have the intention to defraud anyone.  It would be easier to do the full name change after marriage (just do not change it when you actually get married.  A judge might feel that changing your last name before marriage is intent to make people think you are married when you are not.


If you are OK with your first name, it would be easier to make the changes right after marriage and not go to court at all.

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