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The December 2013 DDC Baby Shower Giveaway!

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The contest will run for one week. We'll choose five lucky winners by random draw from all of the posted entries. Every entry post gives you another chance to win! 


You must be a registered member of Mothering, pregnant and due in Decemebr 2013, and a member of the December 2013 Due Date Club. A NEW member to Mothering must post to the New Member? Introduce Yourself! forum as well as the I'm Pregnant forum and then place a post to the Due Date List thread before participating. Please read the Contest Terms and Conditions


The baby shower giveaway is a short contest of three game threads. All you have to do is play as directed! You can post to one game thread or all three as many times as you'd like. We will post the game threads separately so be sure to watch your group homepage to see them posted.
You may enter with as many posts as you wish. Winners will be chosen by random draw so the more entries you post the greater your chances of winning.



A one year subscription to Brain, Child Magazine for five lucky



About Brain, Child

“A good read is what Brain, Child is all about.” - The Washington Post

Brain, Child: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers, founded in 1999, is the only literary magazine in print dedicated to motherhood. Each issue contains personal essays, a short story, poetry, debates and news. Contributors have included Pulitzer Prize-winning novelists Jane Smiley and Anne Tyler, best-selling author Barbara Ehrenreich, and acclaimed writers Antonya Nelson, Alice Hoffman, Patricia Hermes, Virginia Holman and Susan Maushart.

In 2010, Brain, Child received the Utne Independent Press Award for Social/Cultural Coverage, and has been nominated for additional categories since then including General Excellence, Best Writing, and Best New Title. Individual essays, articles and fiction from Brain, Child have also won awards, including numerous Pushcart Prizes and mentions in The Best American Essays.

In 2012 Brain, Child was purchased by Erielle Media LLC. Since then the magazine’s footprint has expanded to include the launch of its digital edition for the iPad and its first special issue devoted to parents of teenagers. It also now has a new website and vibrant Facebook and Twitter communities. The Fall 2013 issue showcased the first redesign of Brain, Child magazine in its 13-year history. Brain, Child has also expanded its content network to include dozens of niche and consumer publishers such as The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, iVillage Australia and Macaroni Kids.

Brain, Child’s mission has stayed constant over the years. The magazine strives to bring together the many voices of women from different backgrounds, circumstances, and experiences in a way that provides mothers with insight and perspective into real issues.  Thirteen years after its launch, Brain, Child is still often referred to as “The New Yorker for Mothers.”

Brain, Child is distributed in independent bookstores, Barnes & Noble superstores, and select grocery stores around the U.S. and Canada. The magazine is also available for the iPad from the Apple Newsstand. Circulation stands at 15,000, with subscribers from every state and as far away as Sweden, Egypt, and Hong Kong.

Many thanks to Brain, Child for their sponsorship of Mothering's December 2013 Due Date Club Baby Shower!


Now, let's play the games!



Here's the first game thread! biggrinbounce.gif 


Here's the second one!  energy.gif


And here is the third one. :thumb 

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Be sure to post in each game thread to increase your chances of winning!

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Interesting magazine. Never heard of it before.

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The contest will be closing tonight so get all of your entires posted for the best chance to win!

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I thought the games closed days ago...why are we still playing?!  : )

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Thanks so much for playing the games! Some of the posts are such great fun to read! :love


The five winners have been drawn at random and they are: 







Congratulations! You have each won a subscription to Brain. Child Magazine! Hope you enjoy reading it as much as we have. :) Please send me a PM with you full name and mailing address as well as the email you;d like Brain. Child magazine to contact you through and I will get your subscription processed.


A huge thank you to Brain, Child for their sponsorship. 



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