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December 2013 DDC Baby Shower Game Thread Two - Page 3

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With a partner.

Would you rather wear just pants, or just skirts?
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Skirts! I wear them 90% of the time when not pregnant as is.

Would you rather have babies 1 year apart or five years apart?
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5 years apart so far but 1 year next time!

Would you rather have a lucrative full time career in your field or pinch pennies as a SAHM?
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Pinch pennies as a SAHM.


Would you rather spend all day alone in the woods or about town with friends?

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All day alone in the woods.


Would you rather hang laundry outside to dry or use a dryer?

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Use a dryer.

Would you rather cloth diaper, or use disposables?
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Both. ;) I like to mix it up.


Would you rather use a pencil or pen?

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Would you rather have an intact or circ'ed partner?
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I like the partner/husband I have, so it's a moot point, lol.

Would you rather shave daily or never?
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I would rather never shave, but also not have super-hairy legs. So in reality, shave every day is my preferred choice.


Would you rather do push-ups or sit-ups?

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They told us never to do crunches in our Prenatal Fitness class, so Push Ups.

Would you rather have SkyLights or Wood Floors?
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Sky Lights!


Would you rather have loud construction going on next door to your house for year or be without power for a month? 

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That is a hard one.  I think power without a month (but only in Spring or Fall!)


Would you prefer to receive flowers or food?

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Depends on the type of food or flowers! I'd rather receive edible/medicinal flowers! wink1.gif

Would you rather exclusively pump & feed BreastMilk only through a bottle, or use a SNS but feed mostly (organic) Formula?
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Pump and feed breastmilk.

Would you rather visit all fifty states or five new countries?
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Five new countries.


Would you rather your husband do more chores/work for you or give you more loving attention?

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More housework!

Would you rather vacuum or wash dishes?
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Vacuum (except when I'm pregnant, lol)


Would you rather teach a pre-K class or a high school class?

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Pre-K (that's what I do : )


Would you rather live near your family or not?

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I think not. I lived near my family for the last 5 years & they visited me about 2.5x but expected me to haul my kids to their house for all calendar holidays, including Flag & Arbor Day. Now we live far away & can actually not be mad all the time about the lack of help.

Would you rather watch Netflix or Hulu?
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