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Anyone else "measuring big"?

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Hi all,

I had an appointment with my midwife today. I'm 26.5 weeks. She did the fundal measurement (I believe that is what it is called when they measure from your pelvic bone to the top of your uterus) and I was measuring 31 inches/weeks. Yikes!! She didn't seem too concerned, but did want me to get an ultrasound to make sure everything is OK.She said that normally, if you're + or - 2 it isn't something she would do a US for, but since I'm almost +5 that we should check it out. I of course am very nervous and can't stop thinking about it. Have to wait a whole week until the US. 


Has anyone else had the experience of "measuring big"? I googled it (I know, not always the smartest thing to do!) and it seems like there's a very good chance it isn't too much to worry about.


I also had my GD test today, but don't have the results back. Really hoping that is clear so that doesn't have something to do with it. 


Thanks for any thoughts!

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I measured right on track with my DD and she was VERY small when she was born. I am measuring ahead and had jumped up in weight gain. They did an ultrasound as well as the midwife feeling my belly and they confirmed that this baby is just MUCH larger than my last (my husband is 6'7") so it isnt a huge surprise that this baby is measure a week and a half ahead of "schedule". Fundal height can vary especially if this is a subsequent pregnancy. They should use that measurement in conjunction with other indicators to determine if there is something concerning. Sounds like they are doing the right things. Hope everything is alright try not to worry!

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I was told during my last midwife visit that I am also measuring big.  This is my 4th baby, and I never measured big with any of the others, so it surprised me a bit.  I have never met this particular midwife until that visit, tho, so I am wondering if she might measure a bit different than the others.  I was 23 weeks at the appointment, but I measured 27.  She didn't order an ultrasound, and honestly, you can't really believe the ultrasound anyway.  They can be terribly inaccurate as far as fetal size.  I've only gained 10 lbs and I don't feel big, so I am trying not to worry about it.

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Teamsalem sounds like she may have measured differently or maybe baby just had a growth spurt. I really think they look for consistency so if you back next time 2 more centimeters over your average or something you get what I'm saying? I doubt seriously anything is concerning especially if the midwife was not concerned.

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I was measuring small--5 weeks behind. They did an ultrasound and everything was totally fine. teamsalem, my midwife told me that gestational diabetes or simply it being a subsequent baby could contribute to measuring larger, so maybe you are just measuring big because your uterus is so used to expanding for babies--and/or, like you said, it being a different midwife. It was a different midwife in my case too, but I question if there could really be THAT much variability in their measurements. Anyway, since the ultrasound was totally fine, hopefully if I measure small at the next appointment they'll just shrug. 

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