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utter confusion please help me!

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Okay so here's the deal back in August I was fifteen days late for my period, I had some pregnancy symptoms such as nausea, headaches, low back aches and slight cramping along with sensetive smell. After about ten days I took a hpt and it came back negative so I figured that was that, no baby. After that I started my period five days later and I thought everything was back to normal. How wrong I was, I've been bleeding pretty much every week sometimes it's a twelve day break sometimes only three. I became very concerned about it but played it off as stress. Now my fiancee is convinced I'm pregnant even though I've taken three tests that were all negative. The new issues are the excessive periods (obviously lol) and the fact that I'm hungry all the time plus I'm even starting to look pregnant. I've gained weight but only in the torso area mostly the stomach. The weight gain seems to have happened over night because I don't remember being that fat a week ago. I've also been really moody lately, happy one minute than crazy the next. I'm not sure what is going on with me anymore. I mean I'm on the pill but I'm not dumb enough to think that's fool proof. I am making an appointment with my doctor as soon as I can afford to but at this point I want advice from women who have been where I am or at least can help me figure it out. Im desperate for answers please if you know anything that might help me I'd really appreciate it. Thanks for reading.
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Unfortunately, no one here can tell you if you are pregnant or not.

Please get to a doctor or clinic as soon as you can for additional testing. I strongly recommend that you find a medical professional to evaluate you in the next day or so. Even if you are not pregnant, something seems to be up based on your continual bleeding. You can use Google to see if there are free/low-income clinics in your area. Planned Parenthood may be an option as well. Or even an urgent care or emergency room. You need to be seen. Please don't let the financial difficulties prevent you from getting the help that you need.

Good luck!
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Thanks. I know I need to get into the doctor. Planning on doing so next week. I guess what I really wanted was to know if anyone else has gone through the same thing. I did google it and there are some forums where some women have had one or two of the same issues but not close enough to my situation to help. I appreciate the advice and the reply. Thanks again.
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This is one of those situations that is too tough to tell. Some women bleed throughout pregnancy and still have healthy babies. You could be pregnant or it could be something completely different going on. Either way it seems like a good idea to get it checked out. I hope you get some answers soon and are feeling better.
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