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Newborn breathing patterns

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are making me so paranoid. My midwife says it's normal for newborns to breathe really fast, and then really slow, and then take pauses-- but it's making me SO anxious that I can't sleep when she's sleeping because i feel like I have to watch her. I know it's a FTM thing to be paranoid and checking that they're breathing, but it doesn't help that the hospital wanted to make us stay another night because she was "breathing fast" on day 1 of her life after being assaulted by a constant influx of nurses wanting to take her temp, etc every hour. i count her respirations and they're usually around 40 per minute, which is normal, but when she's really hungry or after eating she'll do this weird panting super fast thing that is really scary- and when she's super relaxed and sleeping she breathes soooooo slow. 


just assure me it's normal please! 

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Hugs! It is . . . And it's perfectly normal and okay to be worried. Don't feel like you have to apologize for it. This is my third baby and instill check on her all the time.
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Yes I check on mine too.
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I check on mine and he's my second. Right now he had a COLD :-( so I am checking on him all the time. Poor thing is only three weeks old and already with a damn cold!

Can you have your midwife come and do a home check so you can feel at ease? The midwives here do a home check on moms and babies after the birth.
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I still check my six year old's breathing most nights. I totally ask my kids to check on the baby when we drive, and I wake a few times a night not from him waking but my worry. It's normal, and it's normal for you to worry.

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It's not just a first time mom thing. This is #5 for me and I check his breathing ALL the time! It's super random, fast, then slow, then periods of holding his breath. It's scary.
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When does it regulate?? Last night she was a little congested and I was up for an hour watching her breathe with one of those snot sucker bulbs in hand - eventually cleared her out but I can't be staying up watching her breathe every night!! i think I'm getting a little more relaxed now though- today I was able to take a nap while she napped even though my husband wasn't there "watching her". 

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I'm not sure when it regulated. Mine is extremely snorty, and grunts all the time. I know I still check his breathing a few times a day and night.
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