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5yo penis issue

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I posted this in the intact care forum but I really need some replies. I am about to talk to the nurse and want to know your opinions vs. the nurses opinion...


I picked up my 5yo from school, he was fine and then he peed when he got home and then it started to hurt. It only hurts when it's touched not constant pain. I noticed no signs of an infection in the area or in my child. The only thing that is weird is that it is swollen and darker in color. He is telling me its bothering him... Never had this happen before and my DF doesn't know either

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Sounds to me like he might have a bit of lint or something like that under his foreskin.  This has happened to my intact son and also has happened to me with the clitoral hood.  I'd have him retract the foreskin ONLY AS MUCH AS IS COMFORTABLE and rinse with lukewarm water, then soak in a bath.


If it hurts when touched, but doesn't necessarily hurt while peeing, that suggests it isn't a urinary tract infection.  But peeing more would help either situation--it would help to rinse out a foreign object--so give him extra fluids.


I hope it gets better soon!

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Actually, I woke up this morning and it's nearly doubled in size... I took him in because it's just uncomfortable and it looks bad. I (and the dr) don't think it's a UTI but probably something external... maybe something did get caught in there or there was some irritant that made it inflamed but I am hoping that the medicine and topical I am putting on it helps it to clear up because it just looks so painful. Thanks for the reply.

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Yikes!!  That definitely does need medical attention.  I hope it clears up soon!  Poor little guy.

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Wow, let us know what they find whether it was lint or what.. I have a 6 yo intact, nothing like this has ever happened either.  So you already took him in and they gave you an ointment for it? (antibiotic or ?)

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It had to have been some infection. It came on so fast (the swelling) that I am going to guess it may have been a scratch or something that got infected. It was so bad I did give him antibiotics and he's had three doses and it's already looking better! I am assuming the pain was from the pressure on his urethra from the swelling... That's my non medical opinion anyways. The drs didn't really know either.

Just some weird thing, luckily it's getting better!

(Sry for any errors... I'm on my cell)
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That happened to my son when he was 2, sudden painful swelling and purplish color. We went the herbal route and stuck him in warm baths of chickweed tea and then flushed the end of his penis with calendula and goldenseal tinctures in salt water on a cotton ball. The swelling went down within hours and the color localized to one spot and that cleared up the next day. It did drain grossness after the baths and the second day a little piece of hardened white material came out and then he was fine.
We didn't retract his foreskin at all.

Glad the antibiotics worked! I hope your young one is better soon.
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