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Introducing solids

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I know it's a but early yet, but Aubrey has definitely been showing sign of readiness.....and demanding some food from me.  I was planning on waiting a lot longer, but because ultimately I think listening to my baby's signals is the most sure fire way to go about things....I've given her food. She seems to do well with it, not good at it, but loves the taste and texture of the few foods she has tried.  I'm not really into spoon feeding - I'm not worried about her intake or anything (although I have given her broth).  So mostly she is just exploring.  It's a flipping riot.  DS was never really into food, and I feel like this is what babies are supposed to be doing and it makes me feel a bit relieved.  (Nooooww I get what all the fuss is about in terms of grandparents being excited to introduce foods!).  


So what have you guys been doing or what are you planning on? We definitely skip the rice cereal and take a more "baby lead weaning" approach.  What have you tried and how is it going?


FWIW, Aubrey is a little over 5 months, and I've been letting her explore with my foods for about a week.

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I'm w/ you, Leora has been mesmerized by my fork & spoon in action for the last 3 weeks so I let her taste a bit of oatmeal milk. She's so greedy! Always grabby & has burned (not an injury, just the unexpected consequence) her hands by diving into a bowl or plate when I'm carrying more than I can manage. I think that is teaching her patience, I'll let her try a little liquid something at the end of the dish, (not before) even if it's just water. She's had chicken noodle broth, split pea (reminiscent of a happy exorcist, lol) green apple chunk & other non sweet things. I am making a concerted effort to not make another sugar monster.

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LOL! Today we tried fermented cod liver oil and she is devouring it - crazy! I kept putting a little bit on a spoon and she would reach out with both hands and move the spoon to her mouth, swallow the oil, then lick the spoon until it was gone.  Score!

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I'm pretty excited too. Quest's weight is finally up so I feel like we can jump in any time. Doctor thinks we should talk about in a month and if I can keep up with his food demands by only breast feeding to keep doing that. Quest is 6 months so I feel like we've really reached the exclusively breast feeding goal line. We also have frozen breast milk from early days that I want to get into him. Fed with cereal I guess. Any other ideas for using breast milk in solids?
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Breast milk ice cream would be fun...or breast milk "jello" (just heat and mix in some gelatin).  Or mixing the milk with foods like sweet potato or apple sauce to help with the digestion of those starches and sugars. 


Oh yeah, and for anyone thinking of going the fermented cod liver oil route - she smelled like that ALL DAY LONG! Lol.  I forgot that would happen.  I have been reading up on a lot of traditional foods to help with pregnancy and breastfeeding and what to introduce to babies.....but due to DS's issues we avoid so many things, and I'm scared to introduce them to Aubrey now......I'm probably going to stick to banana, broth, FCLO, and maybe some liver I have in my freezer for a while....

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Lark is loving celery at the moment. I just give him a stalk and he gnaws at it. /his little teeth shave it up a bit and I think the ridges must feel good on his sore gums.

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As we have really struggled to over come the yeast and sugar issues we have I am planning in following a GAPS style intro to feeding Berkeley. I am not really thinking about it much yet but B has tried small sips of bone broth, I make this weekly so it should fit pretty easily into our routine

Here is the basics of the GAPS feeding guide:

Introducing solids
For a bottle bed baby introduce solids from the age of 4 months. A breast fed baby can often wait till 6 months of age, unless it is a very hungry baby and you have to introduce solids earlier.
Solids should be introduced gradually, starting from just one very small meal a day. The rest of the meals should be breast milk or formula with some probiotic added.
First week:
• Start from meat stock. To make good meat stock, simmer a piece of meat on the bone (whole or half a chicken) for 2 - 3 hours without adding salt or anything else to the water. You can make fish stock the same way using a whole fish or fish fins, bones and heads. Take the bones and meat out and sieve the stock. It can be frozen or it will keep well in the fridge for a week. Start from warm homemade meat stock mixed with homemade yoghurt. Make sure to give breast only as a reward/top up after your infant had some meat stock with homemade yoghurt from a bottle, a spoon or a beaker. Start from 1-2 teaspoons of the stock with ½ a teaspoon of homemade yoghurt (mixed together) before every beast feed. As your baby accepts that amount, gradually increase it. Do not use commercially available soup stock granules or bullion cubes, they are highly processed and are full or detrimental ingredients. Chicken stock is particularly gentle on the stomach. Do not take fat out of the stock; it is important for your baby to have fat with it...

[Moderator Note: Edited for Copyright Concerns. Please keep direct quotations to 100 words or less.]
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I haven't started Amadora on solids yet, but she is showing interest. She isn't quite 5 months yet. The dr and LLL suggest waiting until 6 months, so I'm trying that. But I also believe in baby-led everything. So we'll see. I let her teeth on a carrot, so she got some flavor that way, but nothing more. I noticed her drooling the other day though while watching DW eat. And sometimes she reaches for a utensil but so far if I hand her a spoon she is satisfied with that. I also am skeptical of rice cereal. Is that really the best first food? I am vegan, so thinking of starting with sweet potato or something like that. I'd like to stick with a mostly vegan and whole foods diet. Also, breast milk as much as she'd like. I'm hoping to do baby-led weaning as far as breastfeeding goes. Most will self-wean between ages 3 and 4. Anyone else doing vegan or vegetarian?
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I hear a lot of bad things about rice cereal. It doesn't have much nutritive value and can contain arsenic because it grows in water. I think the Kellymom website has more info. It was the standard for a long time because people thought it wouldn't cause an allergic reaction and was easy to digest. Our ped said we can start with anything just avoid honey and cow's milk until age 1. I have also heard people say that solids before age 1 are "just for fun" so breastmilk is still the primary source of food.
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I agree that the first year food is just supplemental to breast milk. I have never been very particular about beginning foods before- with my first two it was stuff like sweet potatoe, avacados, cooked mashed veggies, frozen peas, apple sauce. I was never really into the rice cereal stuff, it just looked yucky to me. In the past couple years we have all really struggled to break our (my) sugar addiction and yeast problems. We did GAPS for about two years and now are gluten free, sugar free, corn free, and mostly dairy free. It was a really hard road but we're finally at a place where we feel healthy as a family and eating real, whole, foods. Which is why I am being a little more particular about feeding this LO.

Cocobird- i think I used oatmeal as a beginning foods with my first two. I ground up oats in a food processor and then added breast milk to moisten it. As they got older I would add mashed bananas or apple sauce also
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I've seen people posting that the AAP no longer recommends rice cereal as a beginner food, but i haven't read the article - i'll see if i can find it to post.  And if you are buying "baby" oatmeal, be aware that it has caesin in it (milk protein), which is what started DS's allergy issues.  well one of the things. 


shana-cat, what brand of probiotic have you been giving to Berkley? I just realizes that the "infant probiotic" that I have been giving Aubrey doesn't have any b. infantis in it. :( I really should have payed more attention to the strains, i was more concerned that it was dairy and gluten free.  We have traveled a similar road, so i'm also trying to be aware of what I am giving Aubrey, but we can't even do half of the GAPS foods right now....I also feel like the broth is something we have to spoon feed her as opposed to letting her handle things on her own, which is what I am more inclined to do.  Interestingly enough her curiosity around food has subsided significantly since I gave her the FCLO, so I think that maybe she got what she needed from that.  She hasn't "asked" for anything since.  She is still interested in what we are doing at meal times, but is now content manipulating a spoon rather than trying to get food in her mouth.  Babies are really smart, if we listen to them. 


From what I have read, babies don't produce amylase to digest grains/complex starches until between 1 and 2 years; the amylase actually comes from breast milk to digest the carbs that are in the milk...so if you are going to do things like grains or starchy foods i would definitely make sure that you serve it with a good helping of breastmilk to help break down the food.


Because of DS's digestive issues we are now avoiding gluten and all foods that are cross reactive (pretty much all grains, some seeds, all dairy, eggs, and potatoes), and eating according to some paleo and GAPS "guidelines" (so a lot of fermented foods, no legumes, no starchy veggies).  I wish that I was able to keep up the diet during my pregnancy and right after.....but we are working on digging ourselves back out.  Although getting Lyme and being on those antibiotics certainly didn't help things along :eyesroll.  Luckily Aubrey doesn't seem too affected by anything, and the slight issues she's been having I'm attributing to having given her the wrong strains of probiotics.  I am curious about whether or not she can tolerate egg and fermented dairy, since I think that those foods can definitely add a lot of healthy stuff to her diet.  But I'll probably wait quite a bit longer for that.....

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babysmurf I haven't started probiotics for B yet, I was planning on waiting until he was eating solids. I generally think that LO's get everything they need from breast milk and its not until we start them on food that they need anything else. I plan on starting probiotics and vit D in december and then will phase out the vit D during summer (as i always do) and when B starts eating more of his own fermented foods (which we eat a lot of) I will also cut back on the probiotics. 

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Makes sense. I had got them since I had such a long course of antibiotics for lyme...thanks!
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Babysmurf I forgot to mention that my oldest, who has several allergies can have eggs as long as the chickens they came from are fed a gluten/corn free diet. Sounds crazy but if he eats conventional eggs he reacts, farm eggs who mostly scavenge and no corn/gluten = no problem!
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Babysmurf I forgot to mention that my oldest, who has several allergies can have eggs as long as the chickens they came from are fed a gluten/corn free diet. Sounds crazy but if he eats conventional eggs he reacts, farm eggs who mostly scavenge and no corn/gluten = no problem!

I don't think that's all that crazy at all! I'm not sure if eggs are a problem for DS or not, but I haven't been able to get him to base line, so I am hoping that eliminating all of the cross reactive foods will help, then I can challenge them one by one to try and figure out the problem.  I had been eating a massive amount of eggs before cutting them out, so I anticipated that if they were the problem we would see some drastic improvement and we haven't.  We have seen improvement, though, so that's good - maybe it was just overburdening him or something and not a direct issue.  Who knows.  We do get pasture raised eggs, and 90% of our meat is from local farms, and we are probably 97% organic in terms of produce (most of it is local too).  Being that strict is hard, but it makes eating an entirely different experience.  Luckily DH and I are foodies, so we can cook some kick ass dinners...but it makes going out to eat hard.

I appreciate hearing your experiences!

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Thanks for feedback on rice cereal. We are going to skip it, that was my instinct. We were going to try to wait until 6 months to give her solid food, but she was being really grabby at our thanksgiving dinner and so we gave her some squash. DW actually fed it to her with get fingers, and she spat some out but not all of it. It was funny--she made a disgusted face but HHFA kept wanting more. She didn't actually eat more than a few small pieces though. Same thing happened a couple days later. That time she ate a little more, but still not very much. It had been sitting on top of a curry and so had soaked up some if those spices and I think she liked the flavor more. I don't know if we should keep going now that she started...she hasn't grabbed for food at all today so I didn't feed her any. Kind I'd winging it--following her lead.
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We're doing vegan/vegetarian here. DP is mostly vegan. Ds1 and I are vegetarian. Still haven't started solids, but keep thinking about it almost planning. I want us to feed him right after breast feeding while DP is around and the food is around. Thinking avocado and banana. Well those stars haven't lined up yet. Makes me hungry just thinking about it.
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Cocobird- i think I used oatmeal as a beginning foods with my first two. I ground up oats in a food processor and then added breast milk to moisten it. As they got older I would add mashed bananas or apple sauce also


Do you just use raw oats, like rolled oats, or steel cut oats, or old fashioned oats?  I like the idea of milling our own oats rather than rice cereal.

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Okay so we tried avocado and banana. He's not really into it. Should we try purées or just leave it alone awhile?
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Do you just use raw oats, like rolled oats, or steel cut oats, or old fashioned oats?  I like the idea of milling our own oats rather than rice cereal.

i think you could use any, really. we use gluten free rolled oats from bob's red mill. 

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