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So, we had Thanksgiving & I think solids are here to stay.:eat

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amadora fed herself butternut squash yesterday!

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Holly has been doing great with milled oats. We make just a tiny bit (Tbsp or so) for play/experiment and she snarfs it. :-)
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Tried avocado today. It's MESSY! She wasn't as into it as the squash, partly probably because it's harder to eat, but she ate some. smile.gif oats sound like a food food to try, too!
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Our record is as follows:


Apple - likes, but gives her gas, so we avoid

pares - loves, but i'm thinking may be a little gassy too

banana - loves

avocado - ambivalent, maybe dislikes

roasted carrots and butternut squash from TG - liked a lot

turkey - depends on her mood - one of the first foods she seriously ate besides banana and FCLO

steak - a good chew toy

FCLO - liked a lot

chicken broth - interested, likes, but doesn't love it


I'm not being particularly regimented about things, but if she asks then I give her something.  She's goes nuts over just about anything I take out of the fridge and has licked most containers while I am holding them (including the nutbutters :eyesroll).  She is fascinated by food....but only if she is hungry.  It's crazy she can and does lunge for things to eat, and she has a special "uh-Ah!!" sort of cry specific to asking for food...she gets all excited when I open the fridge or the cabinets or take something off of the stove.  She "gets' what's going on and wants it in a different way that she asks for other things.  I just think it's so fascinating, since DS was never this way.

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a bit early but looking for utensil recommendations. I used the green toy spoons and forks with my first, but they are long gone and the design has been changed so I would like to find an alternative. Parker really enjoyed using a fork early on, so I would like them around for Lark.

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Utensils for you to feed your baby or for the baby to feed itself when a little older?  We use the nuk rubber tipped spoons right now.


Do any of your babies have massive blowouts now that they are being introduced solids?  Holly has had 2 mega blowouts and one a bit less impressive since going on solids.  So far she has tried oats, bananas, and peas.  She likes them all and eats very well.  I imagine this is just a product of her GI tract getting used to processing solid foods.

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I would look at smell and consistency in trying to figure out poop.  Holly is FF right? I'm not as familiar with the smells of formula (lol!) but I'm pretty sure it should NOT smell like vinegar.  (BF poops smell like yogurt from the proboitics, I have no idea if this is the case for formula poops).  Also, while solids will change the consistency of poop, there should definitely not be mucous in the stools.  If that looks good, then I wouldn't be too concerned.  But I'm not much of an expert on normal baby poop, since my first had a lot of issues. 


As for utensils, I have been using the same (bpa free) plastics spoons we got at DS's baby shower or our regular stainless steel utensils.  I would like to get some wooden utensils, as Aubrey loves to play with them, and i know whatever we get is going to take a beating! I was thinking ikea, but haven't really looked into it much yet.

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On Monday night Genevieve had her first food! We gave her an Egg Yoke. She loved being able to eat with us but seemed a little confused with the taste but last night we tried again and she seemed to enjoy it more. I just put some on a spoon and hand it to her, if she gets it in her mouth, great! If not, no big deal. She probably has eaten about 1/16th of a teaspoon so far. Interestingly, she sleep really well both nights after eating it, not sure if it's directly related yet but it seems to be. I think we'll stick with an egg yoke a day in the evenings and build from there in time. I'm planning on giving her liver pate next but I think I'll wait a few weeks. 

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Yay! Their bellies are so small right now, it doesn't take too much to fill them up.  That reminds me that I have some liver in the freezer I need to prepare.....

We've been sick here, (luckily DD just got a cold), but DS just had a pretty good stomach bug, so I've been holding off on foods for Aubrey - much to her dismay.  However, when I changed her diaper yesterday I realized she was making up for it by eating everything she could off the floor!!! Being the Holiday season, there was a lot of glitter.  And since she hangs out in the kitchen she must have swiped some food scraps too.  And then, when I was cutting up food for Nick, *this* happened.  She full on attacked before I could even lift a hand, lol!


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That's hilarious! What is she eating? I can't tell. .
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A pork chop on the bone, lol!

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Omg. That's hilarious and a bit disturbing.
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Ahahaha yes adorable and disturbing.

Amelia seems interested in food and watches us pretty intently while we eat, but so far she doesn't seem to know what to do with it and is disgusted when we put a taste of something on her tongue.
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Wow!  Eggs and liver.  I have never heard of such foods for baby.  I am interested to learn why you selected those foods as her firsts.

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Very high nutrient content smile.gif I likes reading Nourishing Foods for Mother and Baby by Nina Plank and tbe GAPS info. There would likely be good info on the Weston A Price website too.

I realized that saying that Aubrey ate kitchen scraps sounded really horrible and I feel the need to elaborate. Lol! I meant the fallen pieces of veggies that DS drops while he is helping me cook. If I don't sweep fast enough he does try to feed her too...and then going over my photos, I realized it could have beed this too. Shes an adventurous little one.
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She definitely got some Kale out of there too, but I didn't think she swallowed it.
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My phone won't let me start a new thread so I'm going to ask this hear. Anyone have problems with solids? I've tried giving him avacado, broccoli, and apples on different days of course and the day after eating he cries pretty much the entire day. Super cranky, wants to be held and nurse, miserable for us both period. I don't have a clue what is going on or what I should do. He's 6.5 months and growing like a weed with breast milk only but tries to drink out of my cup or grab my fork etc. we are trying baby led weaning so I try not to put food in his mouth but he can't/won't pick it up from his high chair tray. So what he's had has come from my finger not a spoon. Any thoughts?
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Leora is the same way; grabby but not coordinated. I think it's more of a dexterity issue, she's very frustrated if she can't experience the food & she manages to put more than half of it on the floor. If she asks for it, I'll oblige w/ small pieces directly into her mouth. I keep a toy on her tray & when that starts to interest her more than the food, I back off of my offerings.

I pretty much give her whatever/ whenever I'm eating, from pizza crust, cheese, egg yolk, hummous, banana bread, chili broth, baked potato, oatmeal, coconut oil fudge, smoothies, stroganoff w/ venison... I can't recall what else we've eaten this week. It's gross for everyone else, but things like meat I chew for her first. But she's usually happy after 6 or 7 mouthfuls. She's still nursing like crazy & makes this machine gun noise of "Ack, ack, ack, ack!" when she wants some milk.

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I like that toy idea. That's a good gauge.
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