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We space out the introduction of new foods.  I wonder if that's what your Doc was referring to, FarmerMomma?  I don't know how that would build up the stomach, though.  Maybe help the body recognize foods and produce the proper enzymes?  We have food sensitivities in our family, so I allow for 4-7 days before adding another food in case there is a reaction.  I've seen reactions as late as 4 days after eating a sensitive food.  I do try to get that food in once a day for that trial time.


I have to say that I'm getting tired of having to space things out . . . even though I understand and support the logic of it.  I am ready to just mash up whatever we are eating and not have to think and plan out separate baby foods! 


Please share your liver pate recipes.  I think that would be a good one soon.  He's starting to look pale again . . . time to get more iron-rich foods into this kiddo.

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Anyone making and freezing baby food?  


I'd love ideas/tips on storage containers.

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Does anyone have a recipe to make your own teething biscuits? DS has started feeding himself but I haven't been able to find a biscuit I really like yet. I'm a baker so I figure I can make my own.

OrmEmbar-My nanny made some baby food for us and she froze it in ice cube trays and then put it in a ziploc bag. It's very handy for feeding him with one of those mesh thingies. He likes to feed himself.
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Pokey, I made this zwieback toast for Leora, she really enjoyed it until all of her top teeth came in. Now she's like "Meh". I kept it in a gallon pickle jug for a month & a half & just finished it off yesterday to the rest of the kiddos at lunch time. It was still good.

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For our pate, I just sauteed up the liver in a lot of ghee, then pureed it with some celtic sea salt.

 I've been thinking about using coconut flour to make up some cookie type things for aubrey, but i haven't settled on a recipe yet.  everything i think of would need egg white to hold together enough and we aren't doing that at this point.  i haven't really looked though.  (we are grain free here though, so it makes something like that an interesting feat).  i was also thinking of trying out some coconut flour pancakes....but again, the egg white thing makes it hard.  something like this would be less messy for when we are out and she is furious that i won't share my food.  :/ 

i usually just give her a carrot stick to teeth on.  or a toy.  i keep meaning to freeze some fruit to put in the mesh feeder thing, but I keep forgetting.  she doesn't really "get" it anyway, lol.  she likes to handle her food.  

OrmEmbar, I hear you with the frustration of waiting between new foods.  I would be introducing ingredients that i use the most first so that i could just make meals and feed from that :)  we are doing an elimination diet here soon (for myself and my son), and i am definitely coming up with a game plan in terms of how to reintroduce the most useful/workable foods first!  

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Thanks for the pate recipe!  I can use coconut oil or lard (or chicken fat) for the ghee.  


I wonder if you could use a high amount of ghee with the pate and coconut flour?  That should help things stick together once they've cooled.  It would be more brittle than using egg white, but forming into finger food bite sizes instead of patties might work.


I've been realizing how much bread and rice we eat!  I'm planning on waiting to introduce grains for a couple more months.  I think that's what is so challenging right now.  With my last kiddo I powdered rice and dry beans for a homemade cereal as a first food.  She looooved her homemade cereal and spat out instant rice cereal.  It's hard to try a different approach with this one because he is really into eating - will refuse to nurse until I feed him something else if anyone is eating around him.  I totally understand the furious baby wanting what you're eating BabySmurf!


Okay, Munchkin ate well-cooked and pureed beef stew meat yesterday . . . he liked it even more than avocado!  Saying "num nam num" while chomping.


Now to add onion and potato and celery . . .already have carrot, bone broth, sweet potato and winter squash . . . then I can make soup and stew!

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Thanks voondrop! It looks a lot like the biscotti I make, but the yeast is interesting. He likes cinnamon, so that will be good.
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Thanks for the pate recipe!  I can use coconut oil or lard (or chicken fat) for the ghee.  

I use organic grassfed butter instead of ghee. I have also used coconut oil but Genevieve seems to prefer the butter. If I make a big batch, I freeze post in ice cubes then put them in Ziploc bags.
We also use a bit of the Celtic sea salt, and a bit of homemade bone broth if it's too thick.
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babysmurf - flax seeds are a good egg replacer, I don't know the ratio but I'm sure google does. Also Frozen blueberries are great for little fingers (though a bit messy)

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A quick pic of one very happy liver eater!
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Ama is super into eating now! We also like the mesh "nuby" things. She loves to just have something to gnaw on at times when I can't necessarily watch her as closely as I would were I to hand her some food or a teething wafer. I started making our own baby food! I'm loving it. We have a "Baby Bullet" and is working well. What I like about it is all the storage options--a tray with lid for freezer, a large serving cup, and little cups for in the fridge. Today I made Kale/apple/banana/coconut oil, and she loved it! Super healthy, super delicious, super easy, and super fun. I'm sure that it would be just as well with any other food processor type thing, and you could use little jars with lids for the fridge, and an ice cube tray with saran wrap over it. I bet you could store it in the freezer with breastmilk storage bags, too.

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I love making baby food! It's one of my new favorite things to do.

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Are red cheeks a sign of food allergy?

Quest has gotten this a few times. My mom asked if it was always after table food. I wasn't sure but seems likely.
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Originally Posted by FarmerMomma View Post

Are red cheeks a sign of food allergy?

Quest has gotten this a few times. My mom asked if it was always after table food. I wasn't sure but seems likely.

I don't know about allergies, but for many friends' babes, red cheeks are a teething symptom.  Hope its that and not allergies!

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Oh thank goodness. He is definitely teething! His dad has celiac. This has me on edge food wise. What else should I watch out for with allergies?
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Originally Posted by FarmerMomma View Post

Are red cheeks a sign of food allergy?

Quest has gotten this a few times. My mom asked if it was always after table food. I wasn't sure but seems likely.


DS1 gets bright red cheeks and sometimes ears/neck after eating, this is one of the symptoms of his food allergies for him. It doesn't just happen after eating his allergy food but often after eating very random things. however when he's good about not eating his trigger foods it doesn't happen at all. I tried for almost a year to determine what his allergies were through elimintation diets but could never find them all... so if you suspect food allergies IMO it's just easier to pay the money and get them tested. 

His other sympotms included constant constipation/hard stools, excema from dairy, mood outburst (mostly from corn allergy), and troubles sleeping. oh and as a baby he would get horrible diaper rashes (which we later learned were yeast infections) and was a very difficult sleeper. 


good luck! 

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Thanks. I'm suspecting allergies more and more. Tiny bits of cucumber set off his cheeks last night.
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How are y'all making pureed baby food? Do you have a food processor or do you use a blender?
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We have a big food processor and I make up huge batches and then freeze everything we can't eat in a few days.
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It's unorthodox, but I've always chewed the food for them first, then passed it on to them on a baby spoon, unless it's something like ground meat or rice. They manage that on their own. I hate dishes.

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