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Anyone anticipating a change in birthing routine?

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This is our last baby so I am really trying to make sure I experience everything I missed in previous births. For me right now that means having my lover more involved, I have always been very hands off but this time I want him to nurture me. I really want to experience that bond. I also intend to focus more on decorating my birthing space. I have never done this before but I am really looking forward to this aspect of birthing. 



Anyone else? what are you hoping to do differently? Inspire me! 

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Oh yeah! When my daughter was born, I was admitted at 4cm, got an epidural, laid in the bed dilating, waited to be told it was time to push, pushed, and there she was. It was really uneventful but I felt  very disconnected and I feel like it did contribute to my PPD. My husband had to hold my leg because I was so numb, and they had to cath me because I couldn't pee for 4 hours from the epidural. My daughter lost a ton of weight immediately post-birth even though she was getting more than enough milk from me, and I think the fluids from the epidural falsely elevated her birthweight.


This time, I am delivering at a small country hospital who just opened their new birth center. Each suite has its own tub, and I will be allowed to deliver in the tub if I choose. I am also looking at doulas as well. 

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No major changes to birth plans, but I do hope that I can push for less than 2 hours and birth a baby whose weight is in the single digits ;) THAT would be a MAJOR change!!! lol

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I think I'd like to try a water birth this time.  Or at least use the tub during labor to see if I like it.  My last birthing experience was lovely except the part where I had a cervical lip and my mw had me lying on my side and blowing through pushing contractions for what seemed like eternity, until the swelling went down.  This time I will remember not to lean forward with every contraction, since I was told that is what caused the lip in the first place.  I want to practice some different holds with DH where I can lean back a bit and feel like my weight is supported. That is why I think the tub might be nice.

And since I am birthing in July, maybe I'd like to have the baby outside if the weather is nice.  Has anyone ever birthed outside?  What did you birth on? What was your experience? If it was during the day, do you think the brightness would be too much for the baby?  If dark, do you think the darkness would be tough on the mw's?  Strange questions, maybe.

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oh man... i almost started talking about how this time of year its mostly overcast and gray outside, thus not too bright. And then I remembered we are having our babies in the middle of summer... not next week, rofl. i figure if its super bright, you could always set up some kind of umbrella for shade? or, working with whatever trees/deck/whatever is in your yard, tie up a sheet strategically to dim the brightness. As for darkness, no worries. the midwives should be just fine with flashlights. my youngest was born in a dark room with nothing but a flashlight.

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We might have a homebirth (and waterbirth?). I'm still waiting to see if the midwife will take our insurance :) I'm going to do birth affirmation cards, something to focus on, etc. My last birth was pretty fast, and I labored by myself (middle of night) until my water broke and DH drug me to the hospital (he was caring for our toddler, too, so he wasn't really available to "coach" me). Thank goodness I was complete when I arrived, b/c I was thinking I was never going to make it  (naturally) by that time. I did have music that I was listening too when I first started, and there was a certain phrase (here it comes... a beautiful collision is happening) that I thought/sang over and over... so I'll also have music. I definitely want a calmer environment... I remember the tv being on in the L/D room and it annoyed me to no end, but I didn't have the strength/break b/t contractions/pushing to tell someone to turn it off, already.. lol!

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I think we will wait longer to go to the hospital this time, just because we live in a different town and this hospital expects me to have a hep-lock.  I'm not a fan of needles so I am hoping if I get there late enough I won't have to worry about it.  Since we moved after the last birth, it's an all new midwife and doula for us, but I am hopeful it will be smooth and beautiful.  I didn't have a focal point last time, and I think I would really like to have one this time, so I will think something up to help me get through the toughest parts.  That, and I want to wait for the urge to push before I actually do it--I never had that with my son and it is so cool (I'm a doula) to see moms just work with their bodies!

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Well, I am not close to a birthing center so I will have a hospital birth this time. My fiancé is a first time dad, and he actually wants to be there for me, so that will be different. I hope he doesn't get upset when I just don't want to be touched during labor! I just need to find an OB that is cool with intermittent monitoring and ambulation. I'm an RN so that hopefully that will help me pull a little weight in getting what I want.

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