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Mothering › Mothering Forums › Baby › Baby Health › Vaccinations › I'm Not Vaccinating › are there people on here who did zero vaccinations for their kids ever?
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are there people on here who did zero vaccinations for their kids ever? - Page 4

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My biggest concern right now is actually with hcp's who have received the pertussis vax, not because it is live (eta: the current vax is not live), but because it doesn't prevent transmission and can apperantly reduce symptoms enough that the person may not know they have it and will come to work with "just a little cough" and spread it. We have a member here whose daughter contracted it from her NICU nurse.

You nailed it right here for me.  I have another post regarding a friend (at the requirement of her pediatrician) requesting everyone to have a d-tap and flu vax a minimum of 2 weeks prior to visiting her newborn - none of her or the pediatricians request account for the exact reason you stated - a mild case that goes undetected yet spreads like wildfire.

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Hello all New here, I had vaxed my first child til he was 2, from there after he had low grade fevers till he was 3, lymph node cysts off and on and a major speech delay and sensitivities gluten intolerance ..However I did breast feed him off an on till he was 3 if that helped any.
He is ten now very healthy although had been diagnosed learning disabled from the second grade . He recently graduated from the iep program at school and seems he is catching up with his peers and he is never sick ever. I am so glad I had stopped the vaccines with him. Although wish I were informed from the start I would have not vaccinated him at all.
My second son who is 8 is not Vaccinated at all . . Nor does he have a learning disability like my partially vaxed 10 year old son . During all these years we would go out everywhere to public places that is full of germs , the Disney parks , my son even licking the side rails were millions have touched , flying in planes , you name it .
He has never had anything but a sniffle . I whip out lipsomal vitamin C , lots of lemon water and healthy foods. So glad to see others here doing the same , it's really a relief .
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My 3 year old and 3 month old are vax free. I will say though that my 3 year old received antibiotics for the first week of her life as a precaution after I got a infection before delivery (her labs never showed signs of infection) and she has several food allergies and asthma that is triggered by viruses. I'm convinced that her troubles stem from those damn antibioics. I will regret not being more insistant with that ped foever think.
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2/3 of mine have never had any vaccines at all. No health issues ever. My first born was vaxed per cdc and aap schedule until 12 months, and hasn't had any since.

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5 and 7 year old who had not had any vaccinations. They have also never been on antibiotics and are rarely sick. Just a cold every so often that is usually just the sniffles. Both have had chicken pox.

Not vaccinating was the best decision I've made for my kids. I believe it more every day. At first, I was very nervous and considered getting a few as they got older, but seeing how healthy they are, and as I learn more about vaccines, the more confident I have become.

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Welcome, Jossie, to mdc and the I Am Not Vaccinating Forums.

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I have 3 daughters who are 6, 10 and 11 none of them have received a single vaccine and all are very healthy.

None of them have ever been on an antibiotic, had an ear infection, strep, or any other infection.

The worst we ever had was the 6 year old spiked a temp when she was 15 or 16 months old which simply turned out to be how she reacted to teething.

We haven't even had a significant stomach bug.

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Your'e first reply to a post here, and that's all you can say?  What's up?

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Your'e first reply to a post here, and that's all you can say?  What's up?


It was standard pro-vax "the only reason your kids are healthy is herd immunity" vitriol. 


Because, you know, everyone died of chicken pox before the vaccination existed.

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The flu, too. Our family hasn't seen a case of the flu in recent memory. Thanks, vaccinated population! We obviously owe it all to you and the less than 40% success rate of your flu shot! It has nothing to do the healthy diet, the immune boosting supplements, the breastfeeding...

Is that also why almost everyone I know who ends up with the flu WAS vaccinated too? Sorry - I'm just trying to figure out how this works. wink1.gif
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Me- After my Son's both suffered damage from vaccine damage I chose not to vaccinate my daughter. She is nearly 13 now, has never been more than a little sick with a cold and is an amazing, quick, strong, healthy pre-teen.

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I have a 2 and 4.5 yo. Neither are vaxed. My DD goes to Pre-K and daycare, DS goes to Daycare since 2 mos. Both are super healthy and heal rapidly if they get a cold. They are a bit spoiled in that their mama is a pediatric chiro too :) DD was BF until 2ish, DS self weaned at 1. No antibiotics for either. 

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My 3yo son has never had a vax, will be 4 in a few months. I haven't had a vaccine in at least 13 years, and baby #2 who is due in June won't have any at all, same as big bro. My son had an ear infection around 8mos, but he was formula fed (pumped exclusively after latch issues for 5mos but never enough to avoid formula), and we all had the flu for a couple days while on vacation in January, but honestly I think BF and I were worse off than our son. He's had maybe one cold per year too.
Compared to my niece & nephew who were BF and fully vaxxed, runny noses 24/7, chicken pox, flu, pneumonia, strep, coughs, etc....
I'm happy with our decision ;-)
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My unvaccinated kids recently had the flu that was going around their school. I don't know if they've ever had one before, if they did, it was mild. This one was a fever (max 102) for a few days (that I didn't medicate in any way), headache, and loss of appetite for a few days. They were in good spirits and enjoyed napping on the couch and watching TV for a few days. Now, should I have pumped them up full of dangerous toxins to try and avoid that? I believe that if I did go the way of vaccines, this flu would have been much worse. I believe that the fact that I have kept their immune systems intact and let it do it's job, their bodies were much more capable of fighting this illness efficiently. I also believe that not medicating, and allowing the fever to do it's job is important. The medical community is leading us astray. They don't want us to be healthy, they want us dependent on them and their drugs. We are going against what our bodies are designed to do. Vaccines and medications like Advil and Tylenol are interfering with that and creating very serious, (and avoidable) chronic conditions. Wake up people!

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