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How long were you ttc before you conceived? - Page 2

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My first took 7 cycles. My second took basically 2 weeks. I noticed ewcm, told my husband, and two weeks later, we were pregnant.

I was quite surprised. I had been on the pill, but stopped a few weeks before trying.

I was 28 with my first and was 33 when I got pregnant this time.
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DD was completely unplanned (was tracking my cycle and was pretty sure I couldn't get pregnant - ovulated early HA!). Still with baby boy, it took 6 months of perfect timing and it was FRUSTRATING. 

A good friend of mine went the IVF route the first time (after trying for a long time) and had eggs stored for #2. Just before the second IVF, she got pregnant naturally - something her doctors said was very unlikely.

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With our first we conceived 2 weeks after DH agreed to try. Second was a surp rise, I got pregnant 7 weeks after having our first. Third I had very heavy, painful, short cycles, and then a m/c. All together I think it took 6 months, the m/c seemed to reset my cycles back to almost normal. This current pregnancy took me one day, lol! It was the first time my kids took a nap at the same time so I was enjoying my peace and quiet on the couch when I felt ovulation. I felt the egg burst out and start to travel! It was crazy! I decided to give it a shot and we dtd that night. The next day I had a large amount of textbook EWCM and then it was gone the next day. I started having symptoms the next day! I tested 7 dpo - 11 dpo and never got a + so I gave up. My period never came and around 10 weeks along I went in for an u/s with my OB and was kind of stunned to ACTUALLY see a little babe hanging out in there!

Thats my craziest conception experience ever!
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DD was a wonderful surprise, but with DS it took about 4 cycles.  The first cycle my symptoms were super wonky so I wasn't even sure I ovulated.  The second cycle I didn't really know what I was doing and was thinking 2 weeks from last day of period, not first, lol.  Third cycle was a chemical pregnancy and fourth cycle was DS.  I think what helped me (and what I learned the hard way) most was trying to focus on other things and not obsessively testing too early-it's ridiculously emotionally draining-I have so much respect for Mamas who take a long time to conceive, it's so hard.

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DD was 3 1/2 years and with the assistance of Femera (for ovulation) and progesterone supplementation. This current pregnancy was after 7 months but since I'm still breastfeeding it was only four cycles.
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I'm due on January 15th, and we conceived our first cycle trying. But I had my IUD removed about 6 months ahead of that, and had been charting my cycle for 6 months, so I knew exactly when I was ovulating. I'm 31 and had anticipated much more difficulty. 

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First Baby- Just shy of a year, charting the entire time (and we had charted to avoid for 15 months prior to our wedding).  Perfect timing as far as I could tell, not entirely sure why it took so long.  Very stressful.  We used a fertility monitor in addition to charting near the end, but it just confirmed what we had already figured out.


Second baby- 4 cycles, 2 with the monitor (no charting).


Third baby- Basically instantaneous.  We talked about it a lot (to have a third or not) decided yes, noticed some fertility signs and had sex *once* unprotected.  Crazy.  I don't really understand my body at all.  


Ages 28, 30, 32

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My first took 2 cycles, this time around it took one date night!

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It took us one cycle. I wasnt charting, just trying to keep an eye on CM and using an online ovulation calendar. And most of the women in my immediate family seem to conceive easily, but Im not really even sure it that could have anything to do with it. My friend who is the same age has been trying for over a year at this point though and has yet to get pregnant. I read that the avg is around 8 months. Best of luck to you :)

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My first 3 were unplanned - didn't try! This one we actually tried for, first cycle off BC. I started taking vitamins & supplements to help chances of healthy conception. I sort of charted, didn't do temps just looked for fertility signs (TCOYF.com) and we DTD a lot around the time I "felt" like I was ovulating.  Sure enough, it worked!


I'd say just relax, look for the fertility signs, DTD at that time, and don't worry if it takes a few tries! Sometimes you just have to get in tune with your cycle first, and celebrate your own creative powers. Everyone is different.


Good luck!!  Lots of "Fertile Myrtle" vibes your way... dust.gif

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I'm 40 and it took 6 cycles.

I did have a surprise 1st pregnancy (the ONLY time we didn't use protection after coming off BC 4 months earlier - I thought I was out of my fertile window) but it ended up mc.  I think the egg must've been on it's last leg when it got fertilized!


At my "advanced maternal age" 6 cycles is good, but it still felt realllllly long. 

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