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back-up doctor

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So I'm planning a homebirth with the same midwife I used for my second birth, and since I'm just more nervous this time than last time, I decided to just find a back-up doctor in case I feel like I need a second opinion on something, or I am risked out of homebirth for whatever reason.


And my SIL just had a baby, and she had a fantastic experience and loved her doctor, so I figured why not try him since he was in my network. But he doesn't accept patients who have been seen by a midwife. Even if I developed toxemia at 36 weeks or needed a c-section for whatever reason, he wouldn't see me. Now I live in probably the most homebirth friendly state in the US, so I'm a little shocked. 


Is the best way to get back-up prenatal care if you need it just to lie and say you haven't received any prenatal care? Last time I just assumed I would go see the obgyn that I saw in the past, but I'm scared to even make that phone call now in case I get kicked out of her care too. I'd heard about stuff like this, but I kinda assumed things would be different here. It's like I'm tainted! But seriously, if a doctor will take a patient who has seen another doctor, then why would they not take a patient who has seen a midwife? It's seems like an intentional move to make homebirth more dangerous. 

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That seems so ridiculous! I am sorry you are dealing with this. I would just say to lie, but what if by chance there was a complication and they someone found out you saw a midwife and then you had a legal mess with the doctor? Maybe you could call anonymously to the second doctor and ask if they see patients after prenatal care from a midwife to find out before you give your name.

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Most midwives have a doctor that they use for back up already that is friendly with them. Have you asked your midwife if she has a physician she would refer to if necessary?
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Wow, that's a messed up policy.  Here in MN, homebirth midwives usually are only able to get an informal OB backup connection but I haven't heard of midwife care blacklisting someone like that. I'm sorry.

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That is rotten. I ended up using an "underground" midwife for my last birth and I didn't tell my family Dr about my plans for quite awhile because technically its illegal. (I am in Canada) Eventually I had to tell him my plans he was actually really cool about it but then he moved 2 weeks before my due date and his replacement wasn't nearly as "cool" he wanted to know her name, he wanted to talk to her on the phone and I couldn't tell him anything so I could protect their identity. Its was all pretty stressful and he was really trying to scare me out of my decision at the last minute. (I was planning a vbac) anyway in the end he was reluctantly supportive and called me a few times from his cell just after the birth to check on me, then checked over my son a few days after he was born and signed all the papers I needed to get his birth certificate so it wasn't too bad but I totally feel you pain! I would just try to find another Dr. and try to keep your plans vague if you think they won't allow you to be seen by them and a midwife. much luck!

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Could you maybe just "fib" a little, not really lie outright?  I know you shouldn't have to do that, and it's a really shitty situation to be in....but for the time being, you have to do whats best for you and baby, ya know?  And if you feel like having an MD back-up, then you should try to make that happen. 


So, what I'm thinking is that you could go to an appointment at, say, 24-26 weeks for a first appointment, under the guise of "shopping around" for "a different care provider".  If you find someone you like, have 1 or 2 appointments with them so that you are officially a patient -- and just don't ask offer any info on your midwife -- then just don't have anymore after that (unless something comes up that your Midwife couldn't handle). MOST states (and you should check your state statutes just to be sure) have laws protecting patients from being "dropped" by a doctor.  I know in my state, a doctor must give written notice of being dropped a month in advance.  


Hopefully some of this might be helpful. It sucks though, because you don't want to have a distrustful relationship with your doctor, even if s/he is a back-up, ya know?  I guess the alternative is just to go to the emergency room and see whoever is on-call if something comes up, like an emergent c-section.  Who knows, that might even be better? That's my plan at the moment.

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I think at this point I'm not going to worry about having a back-up. If something develops down the road, then I can deal with it then. And if I have an emergency during the birth, then I really don't care who I see at that point as long as they are qualified to do the job. I'm sure my midwife knows of doctors who accept transfers, but I haven't asked. I just thought that since my SIL loved her doctor, then why not talk to that doctor. Guess he really wasn't "all that" after all. My SIL was totally shocked when I told her he refused to see me. I didn't need a back-up last time, and most likely I won't need one again.

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I've never seen a back up OB either. Even with my first in which I saw hospital medwives and ended up with a section, It was just whatever OB that was on call at the time.
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WIth my homebirths, we had to bring our 4 hour old babies to the NICU because of breathing trouble. Our midwife was able to call her backup family practitioner, who got us whisked through the NICU hoops and skip the ER. I also went to see her at 2 days pp when we were worried that my tearing was infected. I was glad to have her and not to be at the whim of whoever was on call.

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