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Temperature drop in early pregnancy

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I know you are not supposed to take your temperature once you find out you are pregnant, but I did for the first 28 days of my first two pregnancies.


Pregnancy #1 ended in miscarriage after a temperature dip of 98.0 for 2 consecutive days.

Pregnancy #2 did not dip below 98.3 after 10 DPO. It was a healthy pregnancy.


I fear that my current pregnancy is more similar to pregnancy #1 than pregnancy #2. Should I be concerned?



I'm not looking for "stop charting" as an answer. I would like to hear from others who were charting and experienced temperature dips in early pregnancy. What was the pregnancy outcome?


Thank you.

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I didn't temp after getting my positive. I can see why you are concerned.:Hug Your temps do look like they are headed south (TCOYF has indicated that this could be a sign of impending miscarriage. It said could, not is!) but you did have one low temp on the 7th (11DPO) and a lot of the data (other temps are missing). Your last non-pregnant cycle didn't dip below 98.0 after O and AF still showed up. TCOYF also says that 18 days of temps above the coverline is a positive chart for pregnancy. You have 17 above the coverline. At 11DPO you were at 98.0 so that is different from your pregnancy #2. Technically the rule is as long as you are above the coverline you are safe but I understand that your history has been different. I don't think that there is really anyway to tell what's going to happen at this point. You are stuck in wait and see land. :grouphug

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Thanks, pattimomma. My temperature was back up this morning, so maybe this would be a good day to stop temping.


Regarding the missing data: This is what happens when I try to be nonchalant about TTC/pregnancy.

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