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What to use for a newborn until big enough for one-size?

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We sold our first child's diaper stash because we weren't sure we'd ever have another baby.  Now we are expecting again!  For most of the diapering era, we plan to use what we liked best last time: Mother-Ease one-size fitted diapers and Dappi pull-on nylon covers.  But I remember that the one-size diapers were humongous on a newborn; we didn't start using them regularly until about 3 months.  We had bought newborn size fitted diapers, which we liked, but that was a relatively expensive way to go.


I'm considering using contour or prefold diapers for the newborn, but we do NOT want to deal with Snappis, pins, any kind of fastener.  I've heard it is possible, with the right style of cover, just to lay a flat diaper in there and have the cover hold it on.  What covers are good for this?  We tried a bunch of different covers with our first baby and didn't like ANY of them except Dappi and Mother-Ease--they all leaked!--so I am leery of experimenting.  I want a really straightforward system for those sleep-deprived early days!

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I use small size prefolds (the green stitching), a snappi, and newborn size prorap.  We only VERY rarely had leaks or a blowout.  Why don't you want a snappi?  We've been really happy with them -- easy, cheap, effective...  It is possible to just tri-fold and cover, but I think results are better when the diaper is fastened.  They do make covers with a pocket at both ends to tuck an insert into, but I haven't tried them, and the only ones I can think of off-hand are one-size.

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The problem with not fastening the diaper around the baby under the cover is that when they poop (and they seem to so much at the beginning!) it goes everywhere. So if you do want to go that way it is certainly possible but plan to have lots of covers on hand to compensate. I would also look into covers with double gussets as you will want them to keep the mess in and not leak out. Thirsties covers have this, and I believe the MotherEase Rikki ones do as well.


I quite like MotherEase products also and was a fan of the one-size fitteds once my daughter was out of newborn diapers. But for the newborn stage I loved their XS Sandy's fitteds. They are amazing, soft and squishy, and keep all poop blowouts contained. I think we had only 3 incidents where DD's massive poops managed to escape the fitted and none of them got past the cover. We had 3 covers and really only used 2 at a time (one on baby, one airing out for next use) cause they got messy so rarely. Now they are definitely a more expensive way to go than prefolds but I bought mine used on our local version of Craigslist for a little less than half price (and expect to resell them for very close to that when we're done with them). Keep in mind that newborn diapers especially keep their value well because they're used for such a short time, plus they are so darn cute! You could buy them used online too on a website such as DiaperSwappers.com.


Another fitted diaper (which I have not used myself but seems to get good reviews) is the Workhorse from Green Mountain Diapers. These are less expensive at around $5 for the newborn size. Perhaps another option to consider:


And if you are crafty you may notice that they are made from their prefold diapers - which is certainly something you could do yourself if you're good with a sewing machine and a snap press.

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Thanks for the advice!  The Workhorse diapers look great--very affordable, and organic is only 25c more!  So maybe we'll go with newborn fitteds after all.


We don't want to use Snappis because the one time I changed a friend's baby using one, it pinged away and scratched me in the face and then got lost...and my friend mentioned how she always found them again by stepping on them.  My partner has referred to them as "those spring-loaded hooks" ever since.  I'm sure they're not really so dangerous and we could get the hang of them if we tried, but he's very set against it, and in the newborn stage I really want fasteners that are attached and completely benign. :)

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