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Doppler causing fetal movement?

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I had my 18w appt with my midwife (actually with the backup midwife who I don't like very much). Anyway, as soon as she put the doppler on my belly, the baby kicked me and continued to jab at me until we took the doppler away. The midwife smiled and said "cute", but I didn't think it was very cute. I honestly didn't think he liked it very much.


I read a lot about the possible dangers of ultrasounds and dopplers during my last pregnancy and was ready to avoid them at that point, but then they didn't seem to affect my baby's movement and I really trusted my midwife at the time.


Now that I have a baby that's reacting so strongly (and a midwife I'm not so hot on), I'm thinking about asking to limit the use of a doppler as much as possible. I'm also rethinking the 20w US I had scheduled.


Does anyone have thoughts on this?

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It has been a while since I did any research about dopplers and ultrasounds, but isn't it true that babies inutero "hear" the Doppler or u/s? And it's possible that some don't like it much. Don't be afraid to ask your MW to stop if you are feeling uncomfortable or getting the feeling that the baby doesn't like it.
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I asked my midwife last pregnancy to use a fetoscope and she was happy to comply. We had no problems hearing baby. smile.gif I can't remember when you are far enough along though to use that instead of the doppler.
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I used to work on a postpartum/antepartum unit, and many babies would definitely respond to the doppler. In fact, that was one way we would try to wake up a sleepy baby whose heart rate wouldn't pick up during a non-stress test. Personally, I don't mind the doppler use as it's only a few seconds once a month (for now at least), but I've decided against an ultrasound unless medically necessary. I haven't read the Chris Kresser article yet, but I generally appreciate his view on health and pregnancy. I do think it's okay and appropriate to request a fetoscope instead of the doppler if your midwife has one. Remember to stand up for yourself, and at the same time be able to listen to a midwife that you truly trust (and use caution with one you don't), as it's her sole job to keep you and your baby safe.

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Thank you. I met with a new midwife today who actually had a fetoscope hanging on her door. Yay!

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