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Birth Plans

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Anyone else want to share theirs? I just finished mine. This is for my 4th baby, and I've used the same midwife for the past two babies, so this plan is reaklly more for my doula and birth photographer who have not been with me during birthing time yet. 



Kali Shanti's Birth Plan


Estimated Due Date: December 13 2013


Husband: Joel; Midwife: Vicky ; Doula: Erin; Son: Tor; Birth Photographer: Ashley. Others may be present, not sure yet.


I don’t have too much info to put in my “birth plan”. Basically, I just go into my “labor land” and you can offer help if you want or I will ask. To those of you who haven't attended one of my labors before, they tend to be relatively fast, I tend to be pretty loud (but usually “in control”), sometimes I may go be by myself in another room for a bit, and I only desire soft encouraging presences/words.


I will ask for cervical exams if I desire them.

Tor is welcome to come and go as he pleases.

My support persons may encourage me by reading any positive affirmations off of the candles, read Scriptures, or say prayers out loud in between contractions.

Help yourselves to any drink and food you can find. 

I may use a TENS unit, birth ball, essential oils, music, vocalizations, water, my doula, etc to manage my surges (contractions).

If I start to sound panicky or my vocalizations get to high pitched, vocalize with me to lower them/calm them down.




I hope to birth in the water, so please help get the pool set up if needed.

No coaching please unless I ask for it; I prefer birth to be just encouraging words, like “She’s coming soon” or “You can do this.”

I will have a birth photographer; I would like her to be able to get good shots so she will be moving about the room as desired.
I might also have a video camera set up. If at all possible try to be aware of it and where you are standing in relation to it.

I would like to try and catch my own baby. Please remind me of this and help guide me by words or touch on what to do. 

Please delay cord clamping until I say. Offer cord cutting to Joel or Tor first.

I will be encapsulating my placenta. Please put it in the provided bags and put in fridge.



Thank you for being a part of this wonderful event! I am so blessed to have such good care and support!

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Looks good! I didn't do a birth plan last time around, not sure if I will do one this time. I will probably just use the next few appointments I have to have a chat with my midwives. Right now my main worry is how quick my labour is going to be. My midwife wants me to call after I have been having steady contractions for an hour, and she will come to our house and check me, and we'll go from there to the hospital, but in my experience with #2, those regular contractions only started an hour or so before I had a baby, and given that it's winter and snowstormy here, I am worried about an unplanned home/car birth (or even an unassisted one)...
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Here is mine from my 2nd and 3rd births. I will probably edit a bit before this one.  I copied it from a friend who used to run our local ICAN group.


Birth Plan 

As this is a planned VBAC birth, we are looking forward to an active, positive and natural birth. 

Our desire is to give birth vaginally, with as little medical intervention as possible. We want to participate in this birth to the fullest, with the wonderful support and encouragement of our birthing team.

This is assuming my birth goes normally - if it does not, we are flexible about deviating from the plan if it is medically necessary, but we wish to be informed of the risks, benefits and necessity of intervention and to participate in these decisions. 

We have listed our preferences below, these decisions have been made after much research, consultation and thought. Therefore, your help in attaining these goals is very much appreciated. 

Taryn would appreciate, at all times, being encouraged in a patient and supportive manner. 


We request
- The opportunity to experience the most natural, intervention-free birth experience possible
- To use wireless telemetry monitors instead of being hooked up to stationary monitors
- Only necessary staff or observers in room. We ask the staff to honor our need for quiet
- No offer or suggestion of anesthetics or analgesics or labor enhancing procedures unless requested
- Fluids during labor including juices, herbal teas, broth, ice chips and popsicles
- Food during labor if desired, such as granola bars, jello, etc.
- To be free of blood pressure cuff between readings
- To assume labor positions of choice including the choice to walk and move or not walk and move during labor
- Minimal number of vaginal exams, performed by the same person
- To allow labor to take its natural course without references to “moving things along.”
- To use natural oxytocin (nipple) stimulation in the even of a stalled or slowed labor
- No rupture of membranes
- To use tub, shower and birthing ball as desired
- Use of Hypnobabies breathing techniques for birthing
- To birth in an atmosphere for gentle encouragement – calm, low tones only- during final pushing stage without loud coaching.
- To assume the birthing position of choice that will least likely require an episiotomy
- To take pictures during birth
- Use mirror if desired to see crowning and birth
- To delay cord clamping until it stops pulsing
- To have baby placed on my chest following birth 
- To have baby assessed while on my chest
- To have father cut the cord, if he chooses
- To allow natural delivery of placenta without pitocin

We would like time to discuss:
Methods of natural induction/augmentation of labor
Perineal massage/warm perineal compress
Vacuum extractor/forceps 

We request:
- To avoid a cesarean delivery unless the baby’s life is in imminent danger
- If a Cesarean delivery is indicated, I would like to be fully informed and to participate in the decision-making process. 
- I do not wish my labor support persons to be removed from the room during any surgical preparation. I would like my husband present at all times if a Cesarean delivery is necessary, including if general anesthesia is required. 
- I do not consent to having my arms or hands strapped down unless I am unable to control them. I understand the necessity of maintaining a sterile surgical field. 
- To be placed at a slightly raised angle 
- For anesthesia to be monitored/adjusted to prevent feelings of suffocation
- To have screen lowered during baby’s birth
- To see the baby immediately following delivery in order for us to announce the sex
- To have baby placed on my chest immediately following birth 
- I do not wish the baby to be separated from me unless s/he is in distress. If the baby must be taken away the father will accompany him or her.

- Lower bright lights temporarily at the moment of birth and until baby is on my chest
- Allow vernix to be absorbed into baby’s skin; avoid vigorous rubbing and delay cleaning
- Baby should remain with me and my husband
- To hold the baby during the heel prick or any other procedure
- We do NOT consent to erythromycin or other medication in baby’s eyes
- We do NOT consent to CIRCUMCISION
- We do NOT consent to the HEP B vaccine
- We will decide after birth whether to administer vitamin K
- Immediate and exclusive breastfeeding- no bottles, formula, pacifiers, etc unless medically indicated and after discussion with us
- In the event that I need to pump, I would like the baby to be fed with a medicine cup or dropper.

We request:
- Time alone with our baby
- To have pictures taken
- To have footprints taken 

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Kali, thanks for suggesting this! I'm not sure I would have done one since we are planning a homebirth but it was a good exercise for me to think through an "ideal" birth scenario. I stole a bunch of your ideas, hope you don't mind smile.gif
Whitney’s Birth Plan

Attendants: Tiffany (midwife), midwife’s assistant, Laura (doula) and Ryan

Ryan and I are looking forward to a very private and intimate birth experience and will not be inviting any extra persons to attend outside of our birth team. I tend to be very sensitive to sound so please silence phones if possible and keep conversation to a minimum when in the bedroom with me/us. Positive, nurturing, and encouraging presences and words to mom and dad will be much appreciated. This is our first time so any reassurances that we are doing well and what we are experiencing is normal will be very helpful.

In Labor:

- Tiffany and Laura will be called when the beginning of labor is suspected. Ryan will time contractions in order to give an idea of where I am in labor.
- Once Laura arrives I would like her to take over the job of any timing and conversing with Tiffany, they can make the call on when Tiffany should plan to come.
- I would like to avoid hearing too many numbers, times, and/or measurements as I tend to focus unnecessarily on them.
- Please remind me to drink often as I will forget. I would like to have choices in the beverages available to me and will want them to have some ice and bendy straws.
- Please offer suggestions for various positions to try, props to use, when to move around, get in/out of water, etc. so labor progresses as smoothly as possible
- Please offer touch. I tend to appreciate soft touch my back/neck/shoulders, hand/arm massage, and pressing down on my shoulders reminds me to relax. Counter pressure for pain management will also be appreciated.
- I will likely want Ryan to be near me the whole time but I know he needs to rest, eat, etc and he tends to get overwhelmed when tired. Please remind me of this and suggest good times for him to step away. Offer him reassurance often so he can feel confident about my progress and his ability to comfort me.
- Please take pictures at convenient times even though I probably won’t like it.

Birthing Phase:

- Please turn audio recording on if it isn’t already.
- I plan to birth out of the tub, preferably on solid ground though I am open to suggestions and will likely settle into something that feels good. Positions I would like to try are a supported squat with Ryan sitting behind me (perhaps using a bolster or block beneath me), on hands and knees, or kneeling and leaning against chest/bed.
- I would like to be offered to see the baby’s head if possible during pushing.
- Please be very encouraging, tell me I am doing well, that our baby is coming soon, etc. Remind me to keep vocalizations in a low register, to focus on my breathing, and to release unnecessary muscle tension if I get panicky.
- If possible, I would like to delay having baby put directly on my chest but would prefer to get a look at him/her on the floor in front of me first. Please keep “fussing” to a minimum in this moment. Help me pick up baby and bring to my chest when I am ready.
- Please let Ryan or I announce the sex of the baby.
- Please offer cord cutting to Ryan.
- Please take pictures, even though I definitely won’t like it!
- I will be encapsulating our placenta, please place it in the provided bag and into the refrigerator

Bonding Phase:

- Please help us clean ourselves up, remove plastic from bedding/pillows, and get into bed to establish skin-on-skin and breastfeeding. I will appreciate any help making in sure baby is latched on correctly
- Please bring sparkling apple cider and champagne flutes to us in the bedroom
- Please help us get a warm meal started
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Also, to any of you planning homebirths, do you have a "in case of hospital transfer" birth plan?
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I don't because I'm having a hospital vbac but I consider the "in case of cesarean" the same thing.  Before my first baby I NEVER even though I would have a cesarean and I wish that I had thought about the what if.  I consider a home birth transfer to be in the same category.  If a cesarean was medically necessary I would not be in the state of mind to really think through all this and vocalize my desires at that point.  It is helpful to have that written out for that point.  This is what I give my midwives.  I make a simple one page birth plan to give the hospital nurses.

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Yep, I'm like Taryn...I have a section on my 1 page birth plan for "in case of cesarean." Other sections are "labor" and "delivery." 


I then have all the baby-care stuff on a separate page.

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This is mine. I don't really have a birth plan for the homebirth this time, since my midwife was there last time, but if I do have an emergency transfer it will be for a c-section (I'm a VBAC but there's nothing that will get me in the hospital unless one of us is dying). I also have a separate page in a letter format for the baby nurse in case of transfer.

Sarah's Emergency Cesarean Preferences


Mother- Sarah

Husband- Nathan

Midwife- Maggie

Estimated Due Date- December 30, 2013


*I suffer from previous trauma and have been diagnosed with PTSD, please treat me gently and with respect.

*I would like someone from my support team to be with me at all times. I would prefer my husband, Nathan, never to be separated from me but if it needs to happen, please inform me first. I would like my Midwife, Maggie to be present during the surgery and with me in recovery.

* I would like to remain awake for the surgery.

*I would like the catheter to be inserted after anesthesia is administered.

*Please do not tie my arms down.

*Please allow me to wear my glasses at all times. I am legally blind and cannot see without corrective lenses.

*Please respect the birth of our child by keeping staff conversations to a minimum.

*Please discuss with me what is being done.

*I am ALLERGIC to latex, most adhesives and opiates, please limit sedatives given as I have had previous negative reactions.

*Please use a double suture to close my uterus and dissolvable stitches instead of staples.

* We intend to keep my placenta. Please keep it clean and refrigerated. My doula or midwife will arrange for transport.

*If my baby is healthy, I would like to be skin to skin with her immediately, preferably while the surgery is being completed. I would like the newborn procedures (weighing, ect) to be delayed or happen with the baby on my chest or in my husband's arms.

*If my baby is to be taken to the NICU, I would like my husband to be allowed to stay with her.


Kira Caroyln's Newborn Care Preferences

To My Baby Nurse,

Thank you for taking care of me! My mommy and daddy are so happy that I am in such good hands! We have a few requests that will make my birthday the best possible for our family. My mommy's name is Sarah and my daddy's name is Nathan. They will have our midwife, Maggie with them.

If I'm healthy, I would like to be skin to skin with my mommy immediately and stay with her in recovery. Mommy or daddy would like to be present for all newborn procedures and have them done on my mommy's chest or daddy's arms. Please don't give me the vitamin K shot , antibiotic eye ointment or hepatitis B vaccine. Mommy signed the waiver ahead of time (attached). I want to stay with my mommy at all times, so please let me room in with her and don't offer to take me to the nursery.

If I'm sick, please let my daddy stay with me. My mommy will breastfeed me or pump colostrum if she can't nurse me right away. Please don't give me any formula, sugar water, bottles, or pacifiers. Mommy has many friends who are screened to provide donor milk if I need to be supplemented with more than mommy's colostrum. If I cannot nurse, please use a syringe or cup to feed me.

I would really like my pediatrician to see me in the hospital if I'm sick. Dr. Rodriguez, 407-215-0400.


Love, Kira


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Here's mine!  Taryn - it is so much like yours?!?  I was shocked!  The woman whom you first copied it from, is her BP online? Or is yours on another site somewhere? As somewhere online is where I "harvested" a bunch of thoughts for use within in my own BP.  


This is my 4th birth. I had VERY medical 1st (I knew nothing back then!), an in-hospital 2nd birth that went well and was fast, and a 3rd birth at home (loved it!).  This time I'll be birthing in a very mellow birthing center within a super rural hospital, with a midwife attending. All are very supportive of the birth each mom wishes to have. 


Rachael..... 41y old single mama to:

DD, 16y

DS, 14y

DS, 12y

New Baby Due 12/9/13 




Rachael (XXXXXX) XXXXX - Birth Plan

Estimated Due Date: December 9, 2013

Baby's Gender: Purposefully Unknown


The following decisions have been made after much research, consultation & thought, including experience gained during three previous births.


I am flexible about deviating from the plan if it is medically necessary. I wish to be informed of the necessity, all options, benefits, & risks of any intervention & to participate in all decisions.


I would appreciate being encouraged in a patient & supportive manner, while respecting my experience & knowledge of labor & delivery, knowledge of myself as a laboring/birthing woman, & my choices for newborn care.


Your help in attaining these goals is very much appreciated. My past has certainly taught me that THE NURSES make all the difference in a birthing experience. My family & I thank you in advance for all you do!!


Birth Preferences


  • Family support team (Rachael's mom, Rachael's three children). Children are educated & prepared, & should be encouraged to be involved in the entire birthing experience per each child's own unique comfort level.

  • The most natural, intervention-free labor/birth as possible, with freedom to decide pain management options as labor progresses.

  • No offer or suggestion of anesthetics or analgesics or labor enhancing procedures unless requested.

  • Absolute minimum time attached to monitors. Use of wireless telemetry as much as possible.

  • Labor positions of choice, including walking & moving. Use of tub, shower, & birthing ball as desired. Use of heated rice pack, counter-pressure, and TENS unit for back pain.

  • Reminders & assistance in drinking fluids continuously throughout labor.

  • Reminders to urinate every half-hour.

  • Minimal number of vaginal/cervical exams.

  • No rupture of membranes without discussion & Rachael's consent.

  • Allow labor to take it's natural course without references to “moving things along” or referencing time.

  • If an ultrasound becomes necessary – no announcement of gender.

  • Rachael's daughter and mother would like to take pictures.

  • Speaking in spiritual terms/God, positive encouragement, noting accomplishment, staying in the moment, reminders to relax face/hands, reminders to return to focal spot & breathe- all super helpful!


  • Assume birthing position of choice.

  • Rachael will not want a mirror at any time. Rachael will not want to be encouraged to “touch the baby's head.”

  • Use of perineal massage, support, warm compresses, & techniques for slow crowning during pushing.

  • No episiotomy.

  • Would like daughter, Liza, to have opportunity to be involved in “catching” baby as much as possible.

  • Family/Rachael to announce gender. PLEASE do not announce.

  • Baby placed on Rachael's chest following birth.

  • Baby assessed while on Rachael's chest.

  • Support & encourage immediate breastfeeding.

  • Delay cord clamping until cord stops pulsing. Family to cut cord.

  • Offer Rachael orange juice immediately following birth (will be in fridge in room).

  • Allow natural delivery of placenta without pitocin.

  • Erythromycin/eye meds & vitamin K shot – postpone administration until after “bonding time.”


Newborn Care

  • Baby to room in full time. All procedures done in room & after discussion with, & consent of, Rachael.

  • Rachael to hold baby during heel prick or any other procedure.

  • Immediate & EXCLUSIVE BREASTFEEDING. No bottles, formula, pacifiers, etc. unless medically indicated & only after discussion & consent.

    • In the event Rachael needs to pump, baby to be fed colostrum with a medicine cup or dropper.

  • Allow vernix to be absorbed into baby’s skin; avoid vigorous rubbing. Rachael to perform first sponge bath in room (no immersion in water).

  • Hearing test to be performed in room.

  • If baby is a boy – NO CIRCUMCISION.

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Yes, its from my friend Dana  :)  She's on here and has posted it before and its on a couple websites.

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