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Night sweats during ovulation and period - anyone else??

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Please help! I am 35 years old (will be 36 next month). In Sept I had a mild night sweat on the day of ovulation (not ttc, I have strong ovulations and always know when I am). Then a couple of weeks later, had a mild night sweat the day of and day after AF started. No night sweat during ovulation a few weeks ago, but I started AF a few nights ago and had a night sweat last night (mild, not soaking through sheets or anything but damp shirt and had to change it, etc).


My gut is telling me it's a hormonal imbalance. I had something similar when I was around 22 years old but it was worse- for a few months I had horrible sheet-soaking night sweats almost every night (not just during ovulation or AF like now), my previously perfectly clear face broke out horribly, and my periods became very light. I was very worried b/c I was so young and hadn't had children...after 4 months or so it just all went away without explanation! The only other times it has happened was right after giving birth, and I think a couple times during BFing (my youngest is almost 3 and was weaned at 18 months).


I'm worried b/c I will be 36 next month and I would like to try for one more baby, I don't want to try to ttc for another year or so though (various reasons that are too much to go into right now). I just don't want anything to be wrong, fertility-wise.


All 3 of my kids were conceived the 1st or 2nd month of trying. I have never been on BC (hubby and I use NFP). I have had 4 m/c's in between my kids all in 1st trimester, tests ruled they were random chromo abnormalities. My periods have always been very regular, always between 28 and 32/33 days, and always last 5-6 days (except for that time in my early 20s that I mentioned above, when AF was scant for a few months). I went on a diet last year and lost around 20 pounds (I'm 5'3" so 20 lbs is a lot on my frame!), but in the past few months I think I've gained 5 or 10 back- don't know if this is related to these issues at all? Just had my annual OBGyn exam a few weeks ago- all was perfect. I didn't mention these issues to the gyn though .


What do you think?? Thanks in advance!

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I think you could have your doctor do a few blood tests to see if all is well.
Best to you!
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Thanks for replying! I am starting to think I should check my thyroid. My mom is hypothyroid and I am showing symptoms of hyperthyroid, including the sweating at night, heart palpitations, and others... my period is normal though, maybe just slightly lighter than normal but close to normal...? Frustrating!

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I am def calling my OBGyn on Mon to have my thyroid checked...today my vision has been blurry, my heart won't stop racing, I can't stop peeing and I feel thirsty and hungry. My sister told me today she just had her thyroid checked and is waiting on results b/c she is showing signs too... I'll update once I know more, in case someone is going through the same thing and comes upon this thread.

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@JFTB1177, did you ever have your thyroid tested? I read recently that thyroid issues can cause miscarriages. :( I'm awaiting thyroid results myself but I know my adrenals are in the toilet so I need to address that first. This stuff is so tricky.

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