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New to unschooling

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Well, I'm kind of new to it. I have been homeschooling for 18 years and one of the first books I read was John Holt's Teach You Own and I've applied many of the things I learned in that book and other unschooling books. But I always went back to my schoolish ways of teaching my kids-and I felt pressured from others. This year has been different though. Durring the summer I planned my curriculum, but when it was time to start I decided to let my younger 2 kids learn what they wanted to instead-except for math and some spelling with my daughter. I've been reading a lot about radical unschooling and I'm not sure that I want to go that far (not sure). I have seen many changes in me during this time, but I'm still having a hard time with letting my 13 play video games all day if he wants to. Anyway, I'm going to be meeting with a potential new evaluator soon, and she has lots of questions so I want to be ready. Nice to "meet" you all!

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I find that I kind of started somewhere, and then found as time went on that I was actually far more radical than I ever expected, though I don't adhere to it as a philosophy.  Once you get some positive results from unschooling here and over there, it seems natural to extend it just a bit over there and some more over there.  Often you don't even realize you are doing it!   That's been my experience somewhat.  I think I started in a place of more confidence than others to extend unschooling across academic subjects and well into family life.  But as my confidence increased further, I have found myself trusting my kids even more, saying "yes" even more, just letting my days roll along as they will.  I still don't quite fit neatly into a straightforward philosophy, and I've also become comfortable with that, as well.  


Anyway, welcome!  

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Welcome! It's definitely a journey and like all things you pick what you like and what works and forget about the rest! I know when I first started researching unschooling it seemed sort of like a group of things you had to do to "qualify" but now more and more I just feel like... why the labels and the qualifications? Just do what works for your family! How old are your younger kids you are going to be trying this with- is the 13 year old one of those? Be sure and look into what "Deschooling" is too on that transition from homeschooling to a schedule. He will definitely be at the video games for awhile but it should fall into more of a balance as he gets comfortable with his time management skills. 

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I had posted a long reply, but I guess I accidentally erased it. Thank you both for your replies. That's good advice to do what works for our family. My children that I am unschooling are ages 13 and 8.

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