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Oh my goodness, I can not believe how much this baby loves egg and ham sandwiches from Starbucks. I've never been so happy to see a breakfast sand which in my life. I even sang the one I got yesterday a little song.

With DS I couldn't eat broccoli at all. That's actually how I knew I was pregnant! I worked at a bookstore near a bakery and I would get cheddar broccoli soup once a week. Well, I bought it one day and it tasted awful! I would have sworn they put fish in it. But no, it was just pregnancy. I couldn't eat broccoli that entire pregnancy. I'm only a few days over 4 weeks this time, so no aversions yet, I imagine in the next few weeks some will develop.
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No real aversions. I have no desire to drink coffee but that's about it. I canNOT get enough green olives! And I had toast with peanut butter and jam yesterday and thought I had died and gone to heaven! (Normally I'm not much of a toast person, and green olives are an occasional thing)
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I had to throw away my hot turkey sandwich at lunch today. In fact, thinking about it to write it down is making me queasy again!

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Originally Posted by Katemonster128 View Post

I had to throw away my hot turkey sandwich at lunch today. In fact, thinking about it to write it down is making me queasy again!
Oh gosh, I had the same reactions to bran muffins with my son. I bought a pack, ate half of one and then it was like a switch flipped. I had to throw it away and shuddered just to think about them. I actually cried because DH wasn't eating them fast enough and wouldn't let me throw them away, haha. Luckily he took then to work.
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Lily- I love tuna with banana peppers!!! YUM! I might try that but you're right...no more than once a week right?? Hmmmm.....

Mares that is funny about the breakfast sandwiches. I get on "kicks" where I want the same thing over and over...until I have worn it out. Then I can't look at it again. :-)

Katemonster- hahahahahaha!!! I can completely relate.
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wengrin, that's so funny!  And yes, it's the best!!!


I JUST developed the worst aversion ever to my delightful morning tea with milk in it.  The thought now makes me slightly nauseous, which really really sucks because it was one of my favorite parts of my day.  :/  I'm going to the grocery store tomorrow to see if I can find some mint options that don't make my stomach turn.  I LOVE my morning tea.  This is so sad.  And in my last pregnancy a lot of my aversions lasted well after the birth of my daughter, so this could be a long-term thing, which would make me cry. 

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I still have a few aversions from my first pregnancy, which makes me sad.


So far, I've been craving buffalo wings. I'd eat them morning, noon, and night if I could. I'm actually super happy that tomorrow is Thursday, because it's become my unofficial "date night" with my husband, and it also... happens to be the boneless wing special night at Buffalo Wild Wings. (I'd never had it before the past couple of weeks, but I saw it suddenly and said, WE NEED TO GO THERE. NOW. My sun-and-stars is nothing if not indulgent.) I tried to be kind of healthy today and had a baked potato (with butter, hot sauce, and Gorgonzola) for lunch.


Aversions... My husband asked me to make twelve-bean soup and cornbread tonight. He said that it smelled/tasted amazing. I thought it smelled like sewage, and I've been in our bedroom with the warm steam vaporizer going with some eucalyptus EO (to get rid of the smell!) and a dish of chocolate ice cream, which is one thing that doesn't turn my stomach right now. I've been sick once so far, and I'm still in the process of moving into our new house, so I'm hoping that the rest of it remains at bay until the move/unpacking is complete.


Question - I had quite the sweet tooth during my first pregnancy, and ended up birthing a babe with a serious milk protein allergy. That was a nightmare, and it took a few weeks to even determine, and then a few weeks more for the milk protein to work its way out of my system.


Has anyone dealt with a from-birth allergy like this, and at what point during your pregnancy did you completely drop the allergic substance? My worry is that I'll have another allergic baby, and I'd rather have the milk protein be out of my system prior to birth.



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@prettyisa that does sound good, I'm leaning more salt-ward these days it seems to settle my tummy. I love new gluten free recipes

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When do you typically start having aversions and cravings? I'm 5w today and haven't noticed any as of yet.

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No aversions in particular. One minute something will sound good and the next it won't. My cravings/aversions are really hit or miss :(

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No cravings yet but my aversions are too many to list.  MS is so much worse this time which is part of the problem.

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I had a tuna melt after we all were talking about them, and it was ok, but SO SALTY! I never noticed before. So I don't know if I'll have a problem holding off more than once a week, since it wasn't as good as I expected.

Getting really into greek yogurt again. A coworker convinced me to stop buying the fruit kind and instead mix plain with frozen raspberries and granola. OMG. So. Good.
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Last night it was a quiche craving!  It was the first time I had a serious craving.  It was bacon, onion, garlic, and kale quiche to be exact...and it was soooooo yummy.  I made 2 of them so there would be enough for leftovers and I was so glad I did!

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No real aversions here yet thankfully. I've been vegetarian, mostly vegan, for the last 5 years but am seriously craving meat now. Spicy flavored things like kebabs, meaty pizza with hot sauce, etc. I think part of it may have to do with just being tired/not wanting to cook which has meant alot of ordering out lately. There are practically no veggie options close to our place. Strangely enough the only thing that has really seemed to help with my nausea is having a cup of hot chocolate before getting out of bed in the morning

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Originally Posted by lacicolleen View Post

No real aversions here yet thankfully. I've been vegetarian, mostly vegan, for the last 5 years but am seriously craving meat now.


That was actually one of the clues that I was pregnant with my first. I went from vegetarian/vegan for 5+ years to suddenly craving meat, and the Morningstar Farms BBQ Ribs weren't cutting it. I'm doing the same thing now - I can't eat enough buffalo wings.

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Oh goodness. I just had something new and found a craving- Burger King onion rings with the spicy horseradish sauce they have with it. So bad but soooo good!
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I can't really eat before noon most days, and can't really handle a meal before 2 or 3 pm. In the evening, I eat and drink so much to make up for it. I have eaten 4 clementines this evening, and I want to eat even more!

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I'm 5w4d and nothing tastes good. I'm able to eat and keep food down, but I'm not enjoying any of it. Nausea kicks in if I go too long between meals, but I can keep it at bay as long as I eat. I usually have gnarly heartburn in early pregnancy and it hasn't started yet. I think I have about a week before that appears.
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Today I had to have taco bell. Which I believe was found to not be meat or something.. It's rather disgusting and I wanted it. I believe as long as it's not Pica or booze, if pregnant- eat it. Somehow our body knows what we need....
Last pregnancy, I could digest dairy! I'm extremely lactose intolerant and disgusted by milk....
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hotmom--Amen! And I had an irrational desire to go to burger king today even though I was ON MY WAY to dinner. Like, 5 minutes from the restaurant and had to talk myself down from going in and ordering pretty much anything.
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