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Headed to the hospital

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So, I'm 36 and a half weeks and my water just broke. Baby is almost certainly breech, so I'm expecting a c-section. I feel comfortable that it really is necessary, and that's the main thing I wanted to be sure of. So today may very well be baby's birthday.  Thoughts and prayers very welcome!

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Good thoughts and wishes for a wonderful labor and happy birth day! orngbiggrin.gif
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Have a lovely labor and birth and congratulations!
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Good luck mama!

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Best of luck and lots of good wishes :goodvibes

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I hope your birth went as well as it could be and that you are enjoying your little one.

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Sending well wishes and  prayers for Mama and baby! :1praying 


Keep us updated!

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:goodvibesHoping you are holding your baby girl and things went smoothly.

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Sending thoughts and prayers, cant wait for pictures!

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Hope things went well!
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I got home  yesterday around noon.  My little son, Victor Marius, is about the most perfect creature that there ever was.  He is amazingly healthy even for a full term baby; for a premature one he's miraculous.  Several people questioned my dates, but I was charting and am completely sure of them.  He was healthy enough to be placed on my chest right after they pulled him out and  made sure he was breathing, so we got some immediate skin to skin time in the OR. He only needed to be in a warmer briefly, for about as long as it took them to sew me up. We were reunited in the post op room and haven't been apart since.  He never needed to go to the NICU or anything and was able to come home with me after just the standard three days recovery for c-section. 


He had a few low blood sugar readings the first night so they were constantly poking his poor little feet and we had to do a couple formula supplementations (via sns or syringe, I wouldn't let them give a bottle), but his 24 hour reading was good enough and they quit bothering him. He lost less weight than average just from breastmilk and we are off to a strong start.  He was 6 lbs and 13 oz at birth, 6 lbs 8 oz when discharged from the hospital.


I hadn't expected such a tiny baby so I'm very grateful I didn't go with just one-size cloth diapers. I think I will need to get more newborn sized ones, as it's clear they'll be fitting for awhile.  I wonder if some subconscious part of me was aware that I'd need to hurry, because I was absolutely obsessive about getting my carriers, car seat, and diapers ready well before my due date.  There are lots of things that weren't ready, but we had the essentials. My family and friends have been incredibly generous and helpful. My midwife was able to find me a volunteer postpartum doula who is amazing. 


Things really could not be any better.  I scarcely even have room to be sad about the loss of my home waterbirth because I am just so happy with how everything has turned out. If Victor hadn't been breech, the OB would have been okay with vaginal delivery, and as it stands he is very favored among the midwives and emphasized in my discharge instructions that he'd been careful to do the incision in a way that maximizes my chances for VBAC in the future, and he also emphasized that I was a great candidate for it since it was just circumstance and not anything wrong with my body that led to the c-section this time.


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Congratulations and welcome to your sweet boy!  He's beautiful.  I am so glad that you are doing so well- I can hear the happiness in your post!!  Take good care, mama!

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Ah, MissBrea, your little Victor is adorable. So glad that the situation turned out as well as it could and your little boy is strong and healthy.

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Congratulations and lots of love to you all! 


Melting here over the first picture, so cute and adorable. 

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Congrats! I highly suggest joining your local ICAN for support with healing and processing as well as guidance for any future VBAC.

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Oh, he is adorable! I am so glad everything turned out well! And it is so awesome you got skin-on-skin time right away in the OR.


 Happy babymoon, proud mama!



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Congratulations on your little one! He is a cutie. And what a great weight. My dd was only 6lbs 14oz at 39.4 weeks. Happy baby moon!! 

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Congratulations! What a wonderful little baby!
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He is amazing, Congrats!  Glad to hear you are home, and everyone is well.

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