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6 year old with undecescended testicals

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My son is 6 and he will be having surgery on the 25th to see if they can drop his testical. (If they can even find them). We went to 3 different DRs and they all said wait and let nature take its course... and we waited. Now he may have to have a orchiectomy. He will have a camera put in through his belly button and see if they can locate them. He is autistic has seizures and had several surgeries before one that was called hypospadia. Anybody out there familiar or had a close experience?
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Both testicles? My middle son had an undescended testicle removed at age 2. The other one had descended. That was 6 years ago now, so I can't remember much. I thought, however, that they located it first using an ultrasound - before the surgery. I could be wrong, though, and confusing myself with something else. It was in his mid-belly area on his left side. They made a small (max 1") incision in his left upper groin area and used a camera to locate it and found that it was no longer viable so they removed it. If they found it was viable then they would have tried to bring it down.


hth  I hope it all goes ok.  btw, the weirdest part was taht when he was done, the surgeon told me that he has until he turns 12 or so to decide if he'd like a prosthetic testicle put in place and it would be covered by our healthcare system. I laughed and he said that only about 1/10 choose this and it's usually kids who grew up with 2 but had to have one or both removed and so they feel like something is missing.

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Yes both. Hoping they will find them and be able to drop them. If they find one or 2 and they will not drop they will take them out completely. greensad.gif he had had several surgeries before but its still hard to see him go under anesthesia
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They told me the ultrasound wouldn't be able to detect them. So they will go in laproscopically w a camera first and go from there
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Hi casey lea and welcome to Mothering! I;m so sorry yur little one is having such issues. I do hope all goes well and you find a doctor whom you feel comfortable with. 


I'm going to move your thread over to our Child Health forum where it will get better input. 


All the best to you and your little guy. :love

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