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Gentle Induction

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Has anyone successfully (or not) had a gentle induction?  Basically get the contractions going (if need be), strip membranes, and if all is looking good, break the waters, and that's it.  A friend did this once, and now its been brought up by my midwife.  


This last birth was an oopsback.  A fantastic, miracle, empowering, scary, cold on the floor, vaginal birth.  The midwife wasn't able to make it.  Its equally un / likely she could make it this time.  However, before those 45 painful minutes, I was in labor two different weekends.  For four hours a shot, real labor, real dialation, and then nothing.  Baby got to a +1 and hung out there for weeks.  It was painful and frusterating.  Ultimately awesome despite tearing.  But DH would really prefer to have a midwife there, and I suspect my odds of tearing will go down (I pushed when I shouldn't have, I know it was panic that caused my tear).  My first CS baby I labored for 4 hours after my water broke on its own (no labor before this), and got to 8 cm.  Breech.  Second baby, two 4-hour sessions of labor on successive weekends, followed by 45 minutes from first twitch to baby out.  So it is pretty much the definition of induction for convenience except the convenience is partly for safety.  I love the idea of going in having contractions and getting all warm and in something more comfortable than a grimy wet t-shirt and settled on a birth ball and ... and birth just going.  It would not be at 35 weeks or anything early or if my body wasn't ready, we'd be careful about that part especially given how horrible my CS was.  


This is really really appealing to my hopes of a safe, simple, drama-free birth.  Anyone done this before, mamas of many babies maybe? x-posted to the May DDC ;)

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Two stories for you. 


Mine: We tried the breaking of my waters and labor just didn't come. We waited most of the day, then tried a really really low dose of pit and I started contractions but they were not dilating me despite having a favorable cervix and good bishops score. We finally had to do a more normal dose of pit and once we did that, things moved a bit then slowed and my MW started to lose faith and said some unhelpful comments. I was ticked and started trying different positions and suddenly I dilated fast and went from 5-10 in about 3 contractions. Crazy! This was my 5th baby BTW, my 3rd VBA2C. From start to finish the process was about 20 hours. So ultimately, no, a gentle induction didn't work for me. I needed pit for it to work.


My friend: 2 weeks past date. They broke her water and she walked and walked. Contractions finally started around 6 hours later. She had the baby about 6 hours after that, no pit needed. This was her 2nd vaginal birth. 


So I would say it can work, but it really depends on the woman and its really hard to tell ahead of time. However, if you have fairly fast labors, it might not take much to get things going. I have always had to be induced and it takes me a good 8-12 hours to get to complete even with pit. 

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