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Thanks for the response hippy mum! Yes, I love the moby for facing in. I used it for my first often and now with my 4 mo. Hip-carry would be perfect; I've tried it a few times-once even with our Ergo with first, but never got it right. Direct me how to please! I agree with the over-stim and not good for growing spine and legs-I am a yoga teacher and am perhaps hyper-vigilant about proper posturing! Brooks seems like he wants a bit more action though, so hip carry might be perfect antidote, or if anyone can direct me to safe back carry.... when he's older anyway...we have a hiking-safe one that won't be used, obviously for quite some time.

Amber for teething! I am intrigued by the idea....I've used licorice root from nat health store. Tell me more!

Anyone read Parenting for Peace, Marcy Axness? -one of my favorites and I believe she is on the panel, or a guest writer here?? This book, and Planting Seeds, by Thich Naht Hanh-encouraging mindfulness in children are two I highly recmd for anyone on the path to peaceful parenting.
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Here's a video that might help http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Txi9SCErUmk

On the sidebar, there are lots of videos. There's one with a back carry comparing stretchy vs woven. On wrapyourbaby she explains the difference in material. The stretchy will be harder to carry bigger babies in at some point I guess. I don't have any experience with wraps, I couldn't figure out so much fabric and it was too hot for where I live, at least for me. Hip carry in ring sling is super easy, she goes into a lot of detail here, good for new rs users http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jnsFymv_M8Q , I usually pop baby in with pouch already spread open and adjust, but I'm used to that. I did get a mei tie, not sure how much I'll use it, it seems easier to bf in later for toddlers or for long days out on weight distribution. Like a wrap but less material.
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I never carried a babe facing out so I have no idea how to do that.  I'm a facing in babywearer, whether on my front or back.

I exclusively use my Tula with my twenty pound heavy girl.

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Wee-est one is teething and appears to be pretty uncomfortable with this and other various reasons. :(  He also is wanting more active attention, on his own, and with me.  The icky part I am struggling with is he seems to get upset when I connect eyes with him-yikes the past two, three days.  I am trying to be mindful of any "interruptions"  I might cause in his own exploration of the world around him, as to not get in the way; he does NOT LIKE IT when I've obliviously picked him up when he's in the middle of observing our dog or some shadows the light is playing on his hands.  -Also, he can't stand it when he is trying out grabbing, or rolling over, putting something in his mouth when some kind of adjustment is made if he's in the middle of learning it (makes sense). -But, I must say, I don't remember this with my first as much (getting upset or crying when I come into his gaze, or when there needs to be a shift of attention ).  Different person/personality, I know, and new parts emerging everyday.... -Perhaps he senses my discomfort with his own discomfort. -And my insecurity of what's best to do?


Suggestions?  Help!


P.S. Thanks for amber necklace recommendation for teething.  This one has seemed to stave off the more intense upset from Babe.

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Forgiving myself OFTEN! I'm not a perfect parent but I try my best and that comforts me; it gives me peace.

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