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Anxiety remedies

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Hello ladies,


My husband has been suffering from anxiety for the past year, along with a few panic attacks that have landed him in urgent care.


My question is, what natural/herbal remedy can he take on a daily basis to help with with his symptoms. He refuses to take prescription medications, even though he has been diagnosed and prescribed medications, and so far we have tried chamomile and valerian with no results.


Any advice would be helpful. 


As far a therapy goes, he does not speak English so that is not something he can do.

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I found St. john's wart very helpful when I was having panic attacks, but just a caution: not all natural remedies work for everyone. My husband has ongoing issues with anxiety and a combination of ativan and walking/excercise has helped him a lot. He takes an ativan when he feels an attack coming on, and goes for a looong/many long walks. The other option is to smoke some weed. Not the hard core stuff, but some of the softer stuff can really help with anxiety. He feels that is better then ending up in emergency and/or the physchiatric hospital. I'm so sorry you are going through this at this already tough time in your lives.
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When I'm not pregnant I take Now Foods brand Mood Support and True Calm, and I always take Natural Calm daily and I carry Rescue Remedy with me. I use Aura Cacia Panic Button essential oil in pretty much everything (I make my own deodorant, soap and lotion) and sniffing it helps me head off a panic attack a lot of the time.

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I take SAMe and Omega 3 Mood. For panic attacks, Rescue Remedy works great.

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crazykittymamma--that's quite a bit of medication, are you following a particular treatment program or was this trial and error to see what works at what dosages? I ordered some NOW Mood Support and a bottle of Passion Flower, but am now wondering if that is enough or not. The Rescue Remedy is only used when a panic attack is coming on, not something on a daily basis, correct?


Lidamama--he does ZERO excersise...says his job is physically demanding enough. Well, he works in an exhaust filled mechanic shop and frequently complains of headaches. I think if he can just take the dogs on a walk every morning or at least a few times a week, he would feel much better. Will press this on him harder.

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I was taking a combination of single things that were in the same basic amounts on the advice of my midwife who is also a master herbalist, I found it much cheaper to buy those two combos and a lot less pills or tincture to take.
The rescue remedy is just when I feel a panic attack coming on.
Passion flower is awesome stuff. It's always good to start small and test what works.
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