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Anyone having cravings?


For lunch today, I decided I wanted to make a ham and cheese omelette with green chilies... only to discover we have no green chilies in the house. So disappointing! A plain old ham and cheese omelette wasn't appealing - it had to have the green chilies. I found some pepperjack cheese, and between that and some salsa, it did the trick.


The funny part of this all? I don't particularly like green chilies.


I think there must be something in peppers that my body needs - before morning sickness hit, I was really into bell peppers for a while. 

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Yes! It changes all the time though, but when I'm pregnant I get very specific cravings and I can't relax until I've had it. Sometimes it's something simple like curried ramen noodles that I can grab for a dollar, I've also HAD to have hot and sour soup (that one went on for a good week), shrimp cocktail (even though I don't normally care for shellfish), one day I must have eaten 4 peanut butter and jam sandwiches with milk because I just couldn't get enough.  There is no rhyme or reason. I try to indulge when it's a healthy craving and keep it toned down when it isn't.  I find when I'm pregnant I often crave foods from my childhood and once I get them they aren't even good but I HAD to. Gross things like tang, froot loops, alphagetti have come up in my other pregnancies but so far for this one it's just been the ramen noodles ;)

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Other than the omelette, I've been alternating between wanting Mexican and curries.


(Note the peppers in both)


This obsession has even prompted me to think about experimenting to see if I can use salsa as a base for tikka masala. It should work - most of the spices are the same, and making it curryish is a matter of adding rather than subtracting.

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I really was wanting shrimp cocktail the other day too.. come to think of it, now we have the horseradish that I can do it at home....

El Salvadorean food has been delicious, Indian food.. yum. I love pho but haven't found a decent place for it here yet. We tried one last Friday but it was Chinese slash Vietnamese and it just wasn't the same. No basil and the broth was lacking. Also, instead of putting the 'toppings' on the side they were just slapped on top, sprouts and all, even though they weren't listed in the dish on the menu. I am captain crankypants at restaurants when pregnant. Maybe we can try another pho place with better reviews next weekend. Also really missing tantan ramen or any real ramen in general and trying to ply those cravings with some from Amazon.

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Cravings, heck I just want an appetite! Hyperemesis gravidarum has been kicking my butt this pregnancy. =|

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I've been craving a Slurpee for a week.

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I want some cheddar broccoli soup.  Of course. Nothing that I can easily make or drive thru and get.  boo.  oh well it would be a good excuse to hit panera and get a couple bagels for DH.  When the girls get up from naps I am hitting them up it is official.  

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No cravings here...yet.

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Mine change daily.  Usually it is more of a feeling like "someone will die if I can't eat something in five minutes" type thing.  My standby is a buttered slice of bread with a piece of meat inside.  It is quick and seems to level everything off for the moment.

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Bagels have been the stuff of life this entire pregnancy.  (Well, baby is 5/8 Jewish by ancestry, although that's not our religious affiliation.)  I'm eating as many as 10 per week.  I get day-old bagels by the half-dozen and keep them in the refrigerator at work for snacks, with butter.  There's a place near work that sells a sandwich of hot turkey, fried egg, cheese, lettuce, and tomato on a bagel for only $4.75, so I get that at least once a week: nice wallop of protein, and because the turkey is hot I don't worry about the lunchmeat listeria thing.  I think that will be my lunch today.  I think I might go early.... :eat


Peanut butter and honey.  I just mix it up and eat it off the knife.


Oatmeal with almond butter, coconut oil, sorghum syrup, cinnamon, ginger, and raisins.  I can't eat anything this solid for breakfast (only cornflakes, or leftover rice, can be my first meal, and even that is sometimes rejected still) but if I feel too weak to get to work after walking my son to school, I come home for a second breakfast.  This also makes a good evening snack.


Fayebond, Panera's cheddar broccoli soup is a main ingredient in my first child!  Highly recommended.  Maybe if you get the kids their own soup in a bread bowl, you can keep them busy dipping for a long time while you eat. :)

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bag of bridge mix from chukar cherries.




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I've been craving pickles, spicy tomato juice, and chicken&rice soup for weeks. I could eat a whole can of pickles in one sitting, I swear! I did eat 8 servings of chicken&rice soup the other day... But it was homemade and I used an unsalted broth so I didn't feel too guilty!

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I'm hilariously specific and particular with cravings this pregnancy. literally since day one it's been:

Bagels and cream cheese (every. single. morning.)

Citrus citrus citrus - oranges, pineapple, pomegranate. Can't get enough.

Dairy in general. This is the weirdest one. We don't eat/drink a lot of dairy in our house but I'm eating cheese for snacks and a glass of milk before bed. So odd!
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tanyato--I'm eating very nearly the same things as you--just add some tart apples and dill pickles :)

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I have been having trouble with anything acidic--tomatoes, citrus, apples--burning the back of my tongue and/or giving me acid stomach. It is getting a little better now. I didn't have this in my first pregnancy at all! Glad those of you craving those foods aren't having this problem.
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Yeah, tomatoes give me heartburn, even when not pregnant. But I'm craving tomato and pepper (also a problem) stuff regardless.

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hey MrsGail - tart apples and dill pickles sound pretty yummy to me too right now!!

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My anti-craving is sugar. Anything sweet just kills me, makes me super nauseous.

Ever since Thanksgiving I have been eating a lot of very garlicky caesar salad, clementines, and PB&J. And I am also on a major milk kick. I also ate a whole box of macaroni and cheese today but it didnt taste good to me after eating it.
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Chinese takeout. For breakfast.
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pickled carrots and actual pickles, watermelon, Orange Juice (every single morning first thing), red & green bell peppers in an egg scramble EVERY day, egg drop soup, caesar salad (and I hate caesar dressing normally).


things i have no interest in :  coffee, chocolate, bread, chips, or anything that is really carbs.  that is a blessing for sure.

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