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Thinking of going Paleo after the Holidays

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We are already gluten,dairy,soy and apple free due to allergies..We also follow the Feingold Program just because we needed to for my son when he was little and it has become a way of life for us..So no artificial anything or food colors either...


My girl is allergic to all the above...But I don't want to go Paleo for her although the health benifits are awsome I hear...she hates sugar so she won't miss that...I want to try Paleo for me...I have PCOS/Insulin resistance and  hormonal inbalances...I have heard Paleo can often cure this...BUT....


I need to know how to do this without breaking the bank...I am a very low income mama...I cannot afford to buy highcost products...so I need blogs,sites of simple paleo life with kids with simple menus,recipes ect....using real affordable and accesible food...I don't have a Whole Foods or Trader Joes...


Thanks so much.... :wink

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Hi, I live lowcarb-- it really isn't more expensive to eat good foods. Just a matter of purchaseing choices at the store. THe few dollars in my hand the bette quality food I buy.  I am more satisfied on this quality food too.  Cold cereal is very expensive, and as it is mostly air, my children are back for more food in less than an hour. IF they have steel cut oats they last much longer. WE raise our oun chickens and eggs. DUck and duck eggs is an option too. You didn't say if you have a bit of land or not, but perhaps if you do consider these. THe chickens eat almost anything-- we feed every scrap of food to the chickens, and pellets, and they eat my lawn ( no pesticides.)  WE eat a serving of meat for breakfast whenevery possible. Like the good old days. lol We buy large chunks of meat and cut it up and repackage it; or cook up a turkey and eat it all week. 


THere is a low carb website that has a big paleo following. 


I follow Atkins when I'm good, lol, and my total cholesterol when down, and my weight went down ( with effort) and I am keeping diabetes at bay. I made it a lifestyle change. You will find lots of support at the above site.

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Thanks....I wish I did have land for that kind of stuff...I live in a 2 floor story walk up apartment with no balcony...I can't even have my box veggies anymore..I will check out the websight...I am slowly already implementing Paleo...I am so interested to see what it does for me...My girl won't eat cereal...she has never liked it...she does like gluten free oats and Rice cereals though..She is finally starting to eat some eggs too..which is great....

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Too bad you can't have a couple chickens. BUt that is ok. Regular store bought eggs are good for you too. All good changes. Sounds good. I try to limit my kids eating a number of foods mostly in the grain family and encourage lots of veg and pure meats and herbs to add flavor. SOme paleo take it to the extreme, I teeter on the edge. I personally don't let the rules decide what I eat , rather I pick healthy foods. 


Do you know the goms foods? 



onion family


seeds and nuts


I stopped eating margarine over 25 years ago-- took DH a little longer to get on board. ANd use Olive oil.  You only need a little of each to make a difference in your health. SO while they seem expensive, just use them a little each day. Like in a salad for the OO, and the butter and oo to fry up eggs. 


We use sorghum for popcorn too. 

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Is there a reason you really want to eat paleo?  If you are not too strict you can incorporate high protein nutritious legumes such as beans or lentils.  These can be soaked to help break down the phytic acid.   Paleo is a great diet, but we have found that any "diet" is very restrictive for our family and may not work best for us.  For us that means, smaller amounts of meats with meals, lots of veggies and very little grains.  One of my favorite affordable healthy proteins is canned wild caught sardines.  Check out Cosco, if you can and keep an eye on deals on Amazon.  I love this blog www.wellnessmama.com.  She is mostly paleo, but incorporates some dairy.

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Biofarmer-- your post prompted me to post this:  While dairy is not strict paleo, it is certainly a food of many cultures around the world. Not usually a fresh milk, but a cheese or yoghurt. ANd a second point is that organic meats and vegies are worth considering.  THe least expensive is to have ones own garden, or raise chickens or ducks as many of us have lawns.  I have visited paleo sites and I find it too restrictive -- as in hard to follow in this modern world. I do think any movement toward paleo is a plus if it means  dumping the high carbohydrates typical of the current foods o the grocery. I shop the outer aisles, rarely visitng the inner ones except for spices and baking powder. I wonder if the latter is not allowed in Paleo?  Or how do carrots fit?? A little more investigating might be in order. Have fun-- try new things. I use coconut oil now-- as a deoderant!!


We waste nothing here on our small homestead. 

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I have been eating paleo/scd for about 6 months now and my grocery bill is quite a bit higher than it used to be. Although my family is not eating paleo, most of our dinners are shared and I cannot cook two different meals every night. I will sometimes make a stew or curry of sorts and serve it over rice for everybody else.

We used to eat vegetarian for about 1/2 of our meals, but now that meat and fresh veggies make up most meals it has gotten pricey. I don't eat beef (can't digest fats well) and typically only eat poultry and small amounts of pork, so that helps. I eat a very large amount of eggs, but this is probably the cheapest change I've made. I would probably cook for veggie options for the family (dh is incline to veganism anyway), but my boys will not eat beans. I'm considering buying more frozen veggies. I use cauliflower all the time now and it's pricey!


One thing I don't spend as much on is crackers/snacks, I can't even eat nuts. I do spend more on coconut flour, honey, coconut oil and almond butter.


I haven't found very good sources/blogs for frugal tips for eating paleo. But I've found that curries, stir fry, and crockpot meals can be done with a ton of veggies and make the meat stretch. I also use whole poultry or thighs more often than breasts.

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..Thanks for the tips...I am doing a loose very frugal Paleo...My budget is pretty limited so I can't afford a lot of the substitutes..They are pretty pricey....With my 6 year olds allergies we eat pretty much Paleo anyways..Anyone want to share their frugal Paleo menus ideas? 


Today L took for lunch....Fried Chicken(1 thigh), French green beans,Pineapple rounds..For snack she had an Applegate hotdog and a fruit pouch...


She def likes her meat and fruit...LOL

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Hello!I I'm sooo happy I found a forum that can be very supportive.

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Here's a few of the staple meals I've been making lately:


Turkey Meatloaf muffins. found the idea to make them muffin style over loaf from Against All Grain. Although I use a slightly different recipe and bulk it up with grated veggies, usually zuchini and carrots and eggs for a binder. Topped with cauli "fauxtatoes" or could do mash potatoes if you do that.


Sheperds Pie, with either ground or shredded meat and loads of chopped veggies. Again topped with cauliflower fauxtatoes. Honestly, I've made a number of variations of this with whatever meats and veggies I have on hand.


I've had good results with winter squash casseroles, usually with some meat, greens (kale, spinach, etc) and bound together with egg. There are some good ones on OMGpaleo.


Spaghetti (spaghetti squash) and meatballs. Turn them into boats and serve right out of the shell. 


I can't eat nuts or seed and so snacking is a bit tough. I eat fruits in season. I also occasionally make applesauce/banana/pumpkin cookies, usually with dried fruits thrown in and muffins both made with coconut flour. Honestly the coconut flour goes very far, you need very little for most recipes (often less than 1/4 cup).


I've been bulking up a lot of my veggies with green cabbage and cauliflower (especially when I get it on sale for 99 cents lb). I thought cruciferous veggies were tough on me, but not nearly as much as I thought once I went grain free.

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Just wanted to respond to you mentioning you don't have a TJ's or WF around.... Both are good places to pick up a few things for cheap, but it can be rather hit-and-miss. So much soy! in everything! everywhere! It can be rather frustrating.


I have actually had good luck shopping at Aldi's, of all places. They offer organic frozen fruit and veg at good prices. And because they are "low-grade" I have often found double yolks in their eggs, which makes me smile in the morning.


You can also save money by shopping online at Amazon or Swanson for staples like coconut oil, alternative flours, and tea and the like. Swanson often has coupon codes you can use for a percentage off, so make sure to look for one of those when ordering.


Contact a local WAPF chapter and ask about local buying clubs or meat packages. I have a farm in my area where I can buy a package of 50 lbs of grass fed meat for about $6/lb, if I just buy ground it's even cheaper. I use ground beef in lots of ways - one favorite is to roughly break it up in a fry pan, throw in some frozen veg, some canned coconut milk, and some curry powder, and simmer. Also, if you find local grass fed meat, experiment with liver and heart and other odd bits. Often these are sold for around $3/lb and are super nutritious. If you can't hack the taste, chop it fine and add it to the ground chuck to make it go a bit further.


And also, Paleo is "low carb" because it cuts out the 7-11 servings of grains a day, but doesn't have to be "low carb." To lose weight or take care of health problems you should watch your carbs. But for your daughter you should make sure she eats enough carbs - growing bodies burn through energy very quickly. Offer her fruit as a snack and give her a carb with dinner, like a sweet potato or some sort of squash.

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It's totally doable without breaking the bank! Start slow, make a few changes at a time, you'll be surprised to find how much money you save cutting out the processed foods! My eggs, chickens, and veg/fruit come from the farmers market, everything else from TJs! Eventually I'd like to have all my meat come from uswellnessmeats, but that is too rich for the budget at the moment smile.gif

I love wellnessmama, and also the paleo mom!
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