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Hello----late joiner!

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Hello Everyone! I'm from Boston (though Kauai is my spiritual home and I lived in Hawaii for years!) and I'm due with my second child this December. I'm not sure why it took me so long to join the due date club, but here I am! ;)


I am excited to be preparing myself for a VBAC and I'm looking forward to going into labor! I've never so much as felt a single labor pain, had my water break or lost a mucus plug, so I feel like a first time mum all over again. My first child, a boy, was 42 (possibly 43 weeks) overdue, I never dilated or effaced, and my placenta was breaking down/meconium was present in the amniotic fluid.....the baby was measuring at 11lbs so c-section was, of course, recommended.  I had studied Hypnobirthing and was committed to a peaceful birth....at that point, being induced didn't sound like a peaceful way to bring an 11 pound baby into the world, so I went straight for the cesarean. It broke my heart and I was devastated to have never gone into labor, but I was somewhat comforted in thinking I did the best for my 10lb, 23in, over-100th percentile headed baby. (I dunno, still felt like I failed for ages.)


This baby is measuring pretty average and I have been cleared for a VBAC so I'm excited at the prospect of labor and delivery! My baby was breech last week, but after doing some exercises from Spinning Babies, I think he's turned around again.


I'm feeling tired and feeling like hibernating...which is very unlike me...I'm a get-out-there-in-the-world type of person, so I'm sensing the arrival of my baby is nearing.


I hope everyone here has a blessed journey.

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Did you join your due date club?
Congrats on your soon to be bundle of joy!!!!!
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