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anyone certain this will be their last baby? - Page 2

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Yep, def for me. This one is a surprise. 3 is my limit, I think 4 would be more than I can handle! 

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We haven't decided for sure yet.  My first two are with a different partner than this baby.  They are also older (7 &5).  I feel like having two more (this one plus another) somewhat close in age will at least give them a play mate.  Then again, I really love what I do for work and I don't like taking all of the time off (this wasn't an issue with  my first two since I hadn't gone to grad school yet and stayed home with them for a few years).  

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We had been planning on 4 or 5, but there's this little part of me that thinks there's a chance we could be done after this. I'm probably wrong, but who knows? I'm one to really dwell on the passing of time, so I'm hoping that I don't know when the baby is my last. I don't want to be crying over the last birth, last time holding my newborn, etc, which I totally would be if I knew for sure no more were a possibility. I may just be feeling "done" because DS is going through extremely terrible twos right now. 

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Yep, I think we are done too after No. 3 arrives. Or else we would be going for 5. I love odd numbers. But 3 is the limit at present. I am also not sure if I want to go through all these spells of sickness again. Plus with this one I am very sensitive to the slightest change in weather. No thanks.

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I think we may be done after this one. Gah, it's so hard to think about being absolutely done, but this pg has been harder than the last 2 and I told DH that I can't see me doing this again. Our house is small (and only 2 bedrooms), so it makes sense to be done (esp. if this is a boy so they can all share a room). I'll probably want more again when this one starts loosing his/her squishiness, though! I love the baby stage so much :)

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I didn't think about it when I first saw this thread but I guess this will be my first and last pregnancy. I'm carrying this one and then my wife will carry the next one. Any kiddos we have after that will be through fostering or adopting. I could of course change my mind, but it's pretty unlikely. I'm already 31 and have wanted to foster or adopt since I was really young so that is what I'd prefer, especially now that we are legally married in our home state and "should" be able to foster and adopt now. 

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