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Do you bathe or shower at the same time with your child?

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I didn't see the big dealio. A friend baths with her baby in the tub. How about you? With or without the kids?

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I don't know anyone who doesn't bathe with their baby. Why is she asking?

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At what point is the baby too old or too many in the tub?
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Everyone I know bathed with their kids at least once. I would say 1 year was my limits and theirs.

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Too many in tub: when you can no longer fit them. Too old: I don't know, 5 or so?

My husband and I and my son (2) take showers and baths all three of us together.
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Sure, my 5 yo showers with me...saves time and water! Her sister stopped at 6, mostly because with my huge preggo belly there wasn't any room left wink1.gif , but her natural modesty kicked in about that age so she probably would have stopped anyway. I would say "too old" is whenever anyone isn't comfortable with it anymore.
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My 5 year old DS still showers with me occasionally, my 8 year old DD is always bugging me to take a bubble bath with her, so its been awhile, but I'll still do it. She's probably at the age where this could very well be the last bath we share tho...
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We shower with our kids if everyone needs a shower, it's down to one parent and all the kids since we moved back to the US a few years ago (showers are too small here). I actually don't bathe with my kids, because I take baths to relax, and kids are NOT relaxing XD
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I have a shower with my kids sometimes. They are 3.5 and 1. I only bath with them when we all get out of the pool so I don't have to sit there wet and cold while they have a bath. I usually rinse off in the shower afterwards though.

I guess we'll stop when someone doesn't want to do it anymore.
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I take baths with my 3 kids all the time.  My DDs are 5 and 3 and DS is 9 months.  DD1 did not take a bath alone till around 18 months, so we had lots of baths together.:)

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No, never. 


After I had my daughter, I felt like so little of me still belonged TO ME.  Bringing her in the bathroom with me felt dehumanizing.  I held her, rocked her, walked her, was covered in her poo or pee or vomit every other minute of the day (and night, had to hold her and sleep upright in a chair for the first six months) - bathroom time was JUST FOR ME.


The good side of this is that I never had a toddler banging on the door while I tried to use the bathroom or shower in peace because she never assumed she had any right to be in there with me.  When I hear friends talk about how they haven't peed without an audience in years, I cringe.  For a long time, it was the only moment of peace I could get.

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I don't take baths with kids because there's no room : ) And that's their play time..but showers yes! My DD and DS cram in with me, hog the water, and draw silly monsters on the shower door when the water steams up. I honestly don't mind because I get a long nice shower, and they get clean and it wastes less water. We do it every week. 

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i think the last time we took a shower together was when dd was 10 years old. after that we no longer fit. but we did take showers together once in a rare while. esp. if we were visiting houses with creepy bathrooms. 

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I sometimes shower with youngest two (ages 3 and 15 months) if my DH is out if town and my oldest (almost 14) isn't available to keep an eye on them for 10 minutes. Otherwise, like Nite_Nicole, I consider shower time to be my private time and enjoy the opportunity to decompress in the shower at night. With six kids running around, I sincerely need 10 minutes of alone time now & then!
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I like to drag dd in the shower with me so I can give her hair a good wash.  I can't kneel and she doesn't do a great job (decent, but not great) so we do it occasionally.  She would love to still get in the bath with me, but she's too long!


I always thought it was just easier to bring them in the tub.  Wash tiny baby, wrap in towels on the floor, wash self and carry on.  Much easier than filling the baby bath and since I literally can not lean over a tub, it was just easiest.  

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