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I don't jump in to the vaccines debate threads, but I lurk here frequently, and I have to say that I was really bothered by this comment.  Isn't your very username just a version of the popcorn dude?  You're pro-science and pro-vax, so that makes the anti-vaxers just a bunch of anti-science idiots, right?  Just some crazy, backward, voodoo druids or something?  Because Science is this infallible, uncomplicated, static entity?  


LIke I said, I'm a lurker here.  I have three kids under 6, and my views on vaccines have been evolving since becoming a parent.  I know who the players in this forum are, who I trust, who I take with a grain of salt, and who isn't saying anything compelling to me at all.  You're not debating here because you're going to convince any of the active voices, and they're not going to convince you.  You're here for the lurkers who are on the fence.  So say your piece and don't let the popcorn dude hurt your feelings.  I'll try not to be insulted by your user name.



I think it real important (regardless exactly who this poster is mentioning besides @prosciencemum) that many read but do not post (they tends to be greatly under estimated) and when this thread and also gets posted, with clearly one side prospective, that send a message to moms like this one - it's also quite clear to moms like me that do post-only certain topics one side addresses, regardless of the importance it holds to others on here

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