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Any Guesses?

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This is almost like a poll...


Anyone want to guess how much money was in my one quart Mason jar of random spare change? It took ages to get it really full, because YoungSon keeps robbing it for bus fare. But we counted it and cashed it in today, and were happily surprised with the results.


Any guesses?

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$34 ??

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I'll go $27

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Orangeman got it on the first try! $34.42! We were pretty excited and went out to our favorite restaurant for pho'.
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Wow. My phone must have corrected Orangemomma to Orangeman. We don't try to understand technology...

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How fun! A little windfall is always a good thing. I tried to fill our change jar to take us on a cheap vacation a year or so ago, but I think I only got something like $125 by the time the vacation arrived (was hoping to pay for the hotel with it). I've been refilling it ever since, and it's about 3/4 full. I'm so excited to see how much it has now! Though I think I'll probably be waiting until summer, at the rate we're going :p 

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