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Routine Hospital Shots for Newborns (VITAMIN K and HEPB)....HELP!

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Hello everyone! I am hoping someone can help me out with some information...first and foremost I am pregnant and due in 2+ weeks and am having a boy that we have decided to circumcise. Because of that I understand bleeding risks especially due to the procedure but, I really am looking for an alternative to the Vitamin K shot that the hospital routinely. I have heard of oral Vit K but at least around Toledo,OH I can't seem to find it available. Has anyone used this and if so, how did you actually obtain it? ALSO, I am seriously considering not giving or at least delaying the Hepatitis B vaccine due to the aluminum content. Any advice on the how to get the hospital to comply when they don't even require consent to administer it? Anything else I should be aware of???? Any help is very much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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I am not an expert on this, but saw no one had responded yet.


I did do the regular Vitamin K so I don't have an recommendations on the oral version.  I know I have seen threads on this so try doing a search in other forums.


I refused the newborn Hep B shot with both of my newborns in two different hospitals.  I didn't get any grief about it at all.  My recommendation would be to room-in with your infant and if for some reason, the hospital staff insist the baby is taken somewhere for tests or whatever, that your partner go with the baby.


Based on my experience, hospitals are moving more towards rooming in with newborns as well as doing routine testing (such as the hearing test) in the room as well.  But I'm sure that varies widely.


Good luck!

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We haven't done any Hep B shots with our boys, and not planning on doing that now with our dd to be born any time now.  We've done vit K with both of our kids, and will probably do it with dd too.  Not sure, though.  I haven't been able to find oral vit K either, but apart from the poke, do you have another concern regarding vit K shot per se?  I didn't feel like I wanted to do Hep B as the risk of Hep B seems small considering how it's transmitted.  

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I'm in GA, so not sure what the law and customs in OH are.


But your best bet is to put your wishes in your birth plan. I had a whole section on "newborn procedures" in mine. When you're tired and adjusting to the baby it helps to have a piece of paper you can hand to your nurse. It also helps to say "I'm having all medical procedures handled by the pediatrician." That way you assure the staff that you are being responsible.


I got the oral K from the pediatrician. She wrote a prescription for it at my baby's 3-day checkup. We had to get it filled at a compounding pharmacy as the formulation had to be specially mixed.


If you can't get a pediatrician to give you an oral K scrip, and don't want the shot, your best bet is to supplement both yourself and the baby. Take between 2 - 5 mg of vit K yourself every day (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8989344), and give your baby a drop of regular liquid vit K every day as well. You can buy both off of Amazon.

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I would highly recommend going ahead with the vitamin K injection if you are going to circumcise. You are going to be causing a bleeding wound, which can be fatal if there is a hemorrhage (which doesn't take much in a newborn - like teaspoons of blood). Since we know that newborns have a low level of vitamin K, which is necessary for manufacturing clotting factors, it makes sense to me that if you KNOW the baby is going to bleed, you better be sure his body can stop it.

As for the hep B, you can just tell them when you get there, or put it in your birth plan, that you decline it and that you're going to do it at the pediatrician later (even if you end up deciding not to). Lots of people do this and it won't be anything new.
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Please don't circumcise your little boy.  One day you will realize what you have done and you will never be able to forgive yourself.


Or at least postpone the decision for a year so they will knock him out and give him post-op pain meds. 


Also, that year is more time you have to research and see how horrible RIC really is.



BWB, who circed and regrets it

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