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Help - the smallest nap means a super late bedtime 27 mo

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DS is 27 months old. He was napping daily for 2 hours until about September this year when he turned 2.

Then he started staying up until 11 pm every night. I dropped a few naps a week and he went back to his normal bedtime.

However now if he EVER naps even for an hour his bedtime is delayed 3 hours. It is driving me crazy.

I thought maybe no naps ever was the solution but some days he is in his car seat and even while talking loudly and wiggling his feet he goes to sleep.

I don't know if it is a factor but my husband and I separated in June. DS's schedule is very busy and very active. He is a very happy easy child. Visits to his dad were worked around nap time at the start but it wasn't working so well so now they go at 2 pm each weekday. He almost never gets to nap with me now (I have stopped trying).

Does anyone have any ideas for this? How do I get around the smallest nap resulting in late late nights?

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ugh - that happened with my son - although h was 3.5 at the time!  poor kid 2 is young to give up the nap -= for us even 5 minutes cat nap in the car resulted in a super late bedtime.  He eventually just grew out of it - so i have no real advice for you - just a hug...i have been there!  - any chance you can keep him out of the car all afternoon??

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No chance of no car time because he is back and forth to his dad's house at 2 and five, plus they usually drive somewhere too.

Lay night was 930 pm instead of 630 because of a short nap.
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That is young! My fondest room a nap until 4. I would just keep giving a nap.... Maybe it's too late? Shoot for about noon. My personal opinion is I would rather them have a nap and go yo bed Kate then no nap. Especially at that age they need a nap, and without it you could start seeing behavioral problems.
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My oldest took a nap*
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Maybe I should try to get him to sleep by 1 and wake him when his dad picks up at 2?
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"They" say kids should nap around noon. That would give him a two hour nap! You will be surprised he will probably go down easy around noon... Kids are usually tired well before we even suspect them to be
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What time foes he wake in the morning?
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630 or 7. But if he goes to sleep late he often sleeps until after 8. He gets 12 to 13 hours mmost nights
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I would say lay him down at noon then! He is probably just napping too late. Can't hurt to try smile.gif
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I pick him up at 1215 at school though.. It is often 1245 by the time we get home. I wish my schedule was more open to accommodate this!
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Oh I see... Than yes I would lay him down as soon as he get home and then wake him at 2 when his dad comes
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Same issue here!  I've given up and just expect late nights.  You tube toddler-friendly videos have gotten me through when I am too exhausted to do anything but sit in front of the computer with her on my lap (fortunately for me she likes to stay close and snuggle).   I have found that a catnap earlier in the day can get a bedtime as early as 8:30 or 9 pm (but a long nap means a 11 pm bedtime here too).  27 months is almost old enough to drop the nap for some toddlers (if still getting enough sleep at night), but the car rides or a late afternoon nap really mess that up!  And if I wake her up from a nap, then I'm dealing with grumpiness the rest of the day.  It's often easier to let her sleep and stay up late with a happy night owl.

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I have had nights where I doze while he watches Bob the Builder or something. On those nights I just can't take it anymore and I wake to him sleeping beside me.
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Sigh.  Some day we will cherish those late nights, hey?  But it sure makes for some long mama-zombie days in the meantime...

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I agree I personally would rather to continue the nap and just have them go yo bed late then no nap and a fussy kid during the day
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