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Maybe I am Pregnant? {Vent}

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Right now, no one else knows, except you ladies. I took an expired test today that came back negative, but I haave learned that the HcG chemical detection wears off over time, so it may have been a false negative.


This thought that I might be pregnant is consuming my entire mind! It is a complete surprise, also. Both of my other children were planned, down to the day. To maybe be pregnant by accident is a completely new realm to me! I am keeping it to myself until I know for sure, as was the agreement I made with my partner about a year ago. I agreed that if I thought I was pregnant, but didn't know yet, I wouldn't make him wonder too. No needless worrying unless it is actually happening. So I am testing in secret.


I am completely financially unprepared for this. How odd is it of me to be very excited as the prospect of being pregnant? I love pregnancy and babies. I love my partner and I would be so excited to raise a child with him. It just isn't the right time. If I am pregnant, there is nothing I will do about it now, I will just make do and do my best to make it right. There is no harm in looking on the bright side and being happy about it. :)


Anyone else hanging in the delicate balance of not knowing and not being able to tell anyone else about it? I just want to gush to everyone about it!

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Oh, I know what you mean, I think.  You really want to be pregnant, but if you try and talk to someone about it, s/he will probably just be negative.  And then if you aren't pregnant and you're sad about it, you can't really share it with people because they won't get it.


At least I think that's what you mean.  In any event, I hope you get the results you are hoping for! :joy

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How expired is the test? My guess is if it's not much expired its probably correct, but maybe it's too early to test? What made you decide you thought you are pregnant? Sounds like you really want to be. Good luck. Hope all works out for you :-) I personally find myself in some kind of denial when I get a positive test. Both pregnancies I did three positive tests...lol
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