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Rhythm with a 5 month old -- is it possible?

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Hello kindred spirit mamas!  I'm so glad to find you here.  My husband and I have an (almost) 5 month old little one.  We recently bought 5 acres of land in the South Sound (Washington State) middle-of-nowhere and are living in a little mobile home while we build our house.  I was a lawyer in my previous life (was that really only 6 months ago?!), but now a stay-at-home mama for at least his first year -- and hopefully after that!  I read voraciously about gently parenting, attachment parenting, and, recently, Waldorf parenting.  The Waldorf ideas really resonate with me, so I'm now trying to build them into our lives -- in little ways for now, as I'm also pretty busy with the little one!  I hope to learn to sew and knit and play the guitar in the next year or so, though that might be a little ambitious.  :)  And I'm trying to learn to create a beautiful, peaceful, rhythmic home life for us, which it completely new to me.  The idea that housework is good for our family is a totally new concept, but I love it -- the movement aspect and the caring for our space aspect.  Funny that I'm just now (at 31!) learning how to do most of these things! 


After that long introduction, what I'd really like to ask is -- do you have any tips for getting some rhythm into our lives right now? It seems that as soon as we establish a bit of rhythm, the little guy starts getting a new tooth, or has a "sleep regression," or some other thing that totally disrupts it.  His naps (which are always with me/on me) aren't very "rhythmic" yet, so for now, I'm just trying to make sure he gets enough sleep and that, in between his naps, we do similar things each day (spending lots of time outside on nice days, time on the floor playing together, time on the floor for him while I fold laundry, etc.).  And we have a set grocery shopping day.  Any other thoughts on what I might do now?  The rhythm thing will get easier as he gets older and a bit more predictable, won't it?

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Hello and welcome Littlefoxesmama! I just know some of the Waldorf mamas will be along momentarily to help you out! That first year is certainly challenging! I used to feel like I had a new baby everyday and we were constantly reinventing our rhythm!! They change so fast at that time!!

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At that age, the biggest part of our rhythm revolved around nap time, which was more or less at the same times every day (but like you, she napped with/on me).  Before nap time, we'd go outside for a walk, come back in and dim the lights, rock and sing lullabies, then lie down to sleep.  Pretty simple.  Not a whole lot went into rhythm at that age.  If I could go back, I would probably work on finding my own rhythm for my own activities and things that needed to get done, and then bring the baby into that rhythm.   

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I had a baby, so I'm late responding to this. :)  Yes, I agree that rhythm at that time is largely centered on naptimes.  I think it's important to respect the rhythms of the baby of the family at that point, and even for awhile longer.  Take time to allow for rest and nursing and diaper changes.  Avoid rushing around at the last minute.  We still declare mandatory rest time for our family when we have guests so that our children may recover a bit and have a better time.  Other things will fall into place, rhythm-wise, as time passes.  It's helpful for grownups to have their own rhythms in check, too, so that things run smoothly around the home.  Housework that follows a predictable pattern so that things are always caught up, meals that have a pattern to them (themed days, for instance) so that you know what you're eating each day.  This may be a time to cultivate your own inner rhythms so that the coming, ever-changing years can pass as gently as possible.  I wish I had the self-discipline that I do now when I had one.  It would have made things a lot easier.  It's constant work and some seasons are easier than others.  If mama is scattered, so is the rest of the family, at my house. :wink

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